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  1. Solved!


    It was as simple as that!
  2. Well, I found a hint at least.
    Using Ext 1.0.1, when Ext.dd.ScrollManager.onFire is called, var el is set to the div to which I rendered the TreePanel. In 2.2.1, it's set to the .x-panel-body div....
  3. Please tell me if you have experienced this also before I post it as a bug:
    Go to
    The page says "
    Drag along the edge of the tree to trigger...
  4. Hello, all.

    I think I may have discovered a bug. This occurs in IE7 but not Firefox 3.
    I have a span which is initially hidden. It comes directly after an <a> tag

    There is too mu<a...
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    Thank you, Condor. I will check that out! I ran countless searches trying to find something addressing the issue, but I guess I never used the right search terms!
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    Is this going anywhere? I too have found it inconvenient how a containing element's alignment is inherited by any Ext components within. And it's not just in cases where people overzealously set BODY...
  7. Thank you all! it seems a BoxComponent is what I need.
  8. Hi,
    I realize this may be an extremely rudimentary issue, but I have just started learning extjs, and it seems like finding an answer to this question should not be so hard!

    I want to have a...
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