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  1. Anyone know of a reason Sencha is not inheriting this type of component/idea? Their button implementations are not so good. They may the app feel buggy and not native at all. We're constantly...
  2. I was having issues related to this thread:

    and as a workaround, I used a styled the DataView, which solved...
  3. Good idea, I'll give that a shot. And I think you're right, it sounds like it could break scrolling...

    Here is an example of this happening in the Kitchen Sink. You can see that when I tap the...
  4. Similar behavior occurs when the keyboard has moved the view up. If you are to click away from an input field to a checkbox (for example), it will select the checkbox, but also activate a textfield...
  5. This works for me! Thanks for the reminder on #stopEvent. :)
  6. This issue has been plaguing us as well and the 500ms workaround is not an acceptable one as it causes jittery behavior on our app.

    Neither itemtap or singleitemtap are preventable, so Im not sure...
  7. It's documented, but not used. The labelWidth config property is honored instead.
  8. I haven't been able to dig into your callback chain, but it's stalling out Chrome when I #sync the store that's using the SQL proxy. I am, however, doing a very large set of inserts. I'll do...
  9. Me too. I just pass empty arrays for now. And I've been using #load to setup new ones.

    However, Im having larger issues getting inserts to work, so I've ended up doing all the executeSql by hand.
  10. You need to access the getter for the anyMatch filter config.

    Not sure if this is planned for 2.1 release, but it'd be nice to get this patch applied.

    Here is a patch

    diff --git...
  11. Im getting these same errors, they must be an artifact from the RC upgrade. It would be good to get a clear answer on this.
  12. Using sencha-touch-debug.js in the app.json fixes the issue for me as well.
  13. Cannot seem to find them. Would be interested to see the plugin specs.
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    2.1 beta2 has been pulled, why?
  15. What do you need from us to file this as a bug?

    Adding the Sencha namespace seems appropriate, but as I mentioned above, there are other issues. Seems to step from the LocalStorage proxy.

  16. Do you need anything more from me to help track this down?
  17. Im using Blink (development) to load the app. Im not sure what you mean by rebuild my code for the new source.

    Also, I can get the sdk srouce files to start loading ine the Loader if I add the...
  18. This error did not occur with 2.1 b1, but after creating a new app with 2.1b2, Loader cannot seem to find the namespace for these classes:



  19. I was surprised to see that ST2.1 beta still has the same tap issues. Seems to me it's a major usability issue and was one of the reasons we ditched ST2 to go native on a larger app we build...
  20. Agreed.

    You might want to take a look at how webOS and Enyo handle large lists. They are very performant.
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    You need to setup the environment manually. Not sure why there is no support yet. Jacky had a thread about troubleshooting that should help you.
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    Here is a script that I've modified to allow one to create an IPA for AppStore or TestFlight distribution from a .app.

    Hope it's helpful to all of...
  23. This is a HUGE improvement to how the buttons behave in ST2. Thanks!
  24. Sadly, we're also switching to iOS as well because of performance reasons. The button tap latency, coupled with iOS aggressive DOM caching made for a poor experience.
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    I have this complete. Just want to polish it up a bit before releasing it to the forum.
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