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  1. bump
  2. Rows at bottom gone, just whitespace. Hehe about the browser, re-read the post? :)
  3. Ext JS 6.0.1 buffered

    Open Siesta here, scroll down in test list - notice whitespace and missing rows.

    Reproduced on Mac Opera:
  4. To anyone affected (should be anyone with an editable grid, meaning - everyone) - here's a workaround for CellEditing class.

    // Ext JS 6.0.1+
  5. See the docs, this seems to be according to your docs (which I still believe is wrong).!/api/Ext.panel.Tool-cfg-type
  6. Also suggest that you update docs to indicate how to use a basic glyph from FontAwesome when using Triton (or just in general).
  7. Save should show a disk icon like in classic, now it shows a checkmark.
  8. Seeing quite a lot of this one in our samples recently, no clear way to reproduce but thought this info might give you some clue.

  9. Open default expander demo: //extjs-6.0.1/build/examples/kitchensink/#expander-lockable

    Click a few times on the expand / collapse icon. Sometimes fast sometimes slow. You'll see it doesn't work...
  10. We avoid all undocumented code as far as possible. Also Ext.all is useless to us since Siesta needs to support multiple Ext versions, and Ext 4 doesn't have it :) Nice suggestion though!
  11. LesJ, that would not use a public part of the API though? No 'hidden' property for components, just a 'hidden' config.

    This is what I use instead:

    var matchedComponents =...
  12. They should, but regardless - CQ should never crash when providing a valid selector.
  13. Open

    type this in console

  14. Open spreadsheet sample,
    select a cell
    call refresh on the grid view through console
    Selection gone (row selection handles this nicely)
  15. 1. When an ajax request is made to a URL that doesn't exist, no useful message is logged - instead we get:

    2. There should be a clean way of cleaning the SimManager up, either with a destroy()...
  16. It's only set..
  17. Why shouldn't I be able to drag a tree col? Reasoning..?

    Ext.tree.Column.prototype.draggable => false
    Ext.grid.Column.prototype.draggable => true
  18. Yes please :)
  19. Yes of course, at the point where fireEvent takes place - the old values aren't available since they aren't passed in the first snippet.
  20. Well, like I said Google Docs "gets it right" so you could definitely do it. Try it here:
  21. This breaks some of our code where we rely on being able to read old values. Looks like a clear bug to me

    onResize: function(width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight) {
    var me = this,
  22. Should just clear cells IMHO, as Google Sheets does it.
  23. Should probably not mention the actual type of element "tr". And row docs should refer to 'row' not 'cell'
  24. Crashes upon grid destroy.
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