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    [OPEN] I believe we have a problem with the Sencha...

    I believe we have a problem with the Sencha Architect Update download. I've downloaded two updates over the last few weeks, and a virus was detected both times.
    Please note the file properties...
  2. Seconding the notion. And add Portal support as well.

    Although I hand code most of my ExtJs projects with multiple MVCs, I like using the Architect for the initial layout. It'd be nice to have the GroupTabPanel and the Portal/Portlets as a part of...
  3. EXTJS 4.1.1 Is there a way for Ext.ux.desktop.App to call existing ExtJs Apps?

    Still fairly new to ExtJs. Have recently acquired Sencha Architect, which has been a big help.

    If I have already created a couple of other ExtJs MVC apps, and looking at implementing the Web...
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