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  1. This ended up being something really stupid and the forum answers I found previously were correct. This can be deleted.
  2. I have a simple screen that asks a user to login, register, or continue anonymously. I have the screen set up with buttons in a panel with a vbox layout. In my controller I receive the tap events...
  3. I have the same exact issue at the moment.
  4. This worked like a charm. Thank you.
  5. I have a DataView that renders content with a template and I need to catch onclick events from hyperlinks in the template so I can open the link in Phonegap's ChildBrowser plugin.

    I have this code...
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    I am experiencing this as well.
  7. I found the Echo 2010 site in the example links and found my answer there. Just had to setup my app differently.
  8. Hoping someone can help even if it's a link to an example file. I am working around it now but would prefer a less hacky solution.
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    In the code below "App" is a Panel with cards, "2" is the third item in the items array. "myListButton" is an anchor HTML tag. Hope this helps. You can test the setActiveItem function in Chrome's...
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    The link posted above should get you on the right track. If you didn't know already, Xcode 4 and PhoneGap don't quite get along yet so you need to run a Terminal command to setup PhoneGap with Xcode...
  11. Thanks for the reply. I am not entirely sure I understand.

    I am changing the view after onSelect of a list.

    var sessionCard = new clientname.views.ListingDetail({

  12. I have a TabPanel with a TabBar that I want to remove once the user navigates to another panel. The action would be similar to the way does when you tap a tweet or when you...
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