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  1. Hello. I want to get the rendered value of a cell in a grid.

    I'm creating a function to export the contents of a grid that I can then use for another purpose. But I don't want the values of the...
  2. I'm no pro, so take this for what it's worth... a dirty solution that works.

    The idea is to toggle the field between inputType text and password. The important settings are: id,...
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    I've got a DIV that contains a flash app. The div is position absolute. When a link is clicked, the DIV fades in and gets a Spotlight, much like a custom little lightbox.

    In IE7, IE6, FF and...
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    I'm new to EXT so please excuse my ignorance. I believe I'm having the problem described throughout this thread where with IE7 in XP and Vista I'm getting an occasional (30% of the time) error that...
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