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  1. My json store for my combo box is quite large. Occasionally i have to reload the store.

    When i reload the store these is no indication to the user that the store is reloading.

    What is the...
  2. On my grid i'm using rowediting.
    if using Internet explorer 9( probably the other versions too ) and the page has scrollbars
    When i edit a row and click "update" the page scrolls up to the start of...
  3. thanks, i think your close. I need to vertically align 'top' the contents of my displayfield not the label of the display field. if you click on the image link above you'll see what i mean.
  4. I have the following display field. The text appears to vertical aligned to the middle. I'd like to align it to the top.

  5. I have the following grid with rowEditing. I'd like to be able to enabled/disable the edit depending on a value on the record. How can i call the dblClick Event

    var processRowEditing =...
  6. See below firebug console. I need to clear/remove the filter properties. How is this done.

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    I have the following checkcolumn. This renders perfectly. However for some reason i cannot select of deslect the checkcolumn.

    xtype: 'checkcolumn',
  8. I have a store "Contacts". In my application i'm using this in 2 grids and 1 combo box. In Each of these components have varying screen space so i need to define pageSize. What is the best practise...
  9. I have the following menu. How can i get the selected item. ie i would like to know the action name of the selected menu item.

    { ...
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    I have the following combo box. I can see in firebug that partStore load when i create a new window.

    However when i select and item. The combo reloads. Is there a combo setting i can use that...
  11. I was thinking that you add the tbfill to an actual item. Here is a working example.


  12. I have the following. I would like the first item 'create' to be aligned to the right.

    I've read about using 'tbfill' to align. But i'm unsure how to use this with my implementation.

  13. 1) i couldn't get that example working on ie9 on 2 machines ( one is clean windows install ) it keeps getting confused by the compat mode

    2) as for chrome i was able to recreate my scrolling...
  14. On my grid i'm using rowediting.

    if using Internet explorer 10 ( probably the other versions too ) and the page has scrollbars

    When i edit a row and click "update" the page scrolls up to...
  15. my mvc applications works fine. However when i run the sdk. I get store is undefined.

    Below the store is defined as "Cutters" I've also tried the full name namespace ""

  16. actually i've just realised that the controller classes are not coming through either. Any thoughts to what may have stop this class being included.
  17. I have the following app.js file.When i run the command with out the "require" it works but does not include the views. When i add the required line i'm getting "store is undefine".I guess this is...
  18. i'm using the following command to create my jsb3 file.

    sencha create jsb -a http://mysite.local/ext/cutter/app/index.html -p app.jsb3

    I have various ext apps on mysite. So i don't wish to...
  19. In my extjs grid 'cutterGrid' i have a renderer that has the following output

    <a href="#" >Product 1</a>

    on my controller i have the following

  20. thanks, i'm getting the following error. Are you sure i can't just add in a class selector in the controller. Seems quite cumbersome to have to bind an event like this.

    Cannot read property...
  21. I need to catch a rowclick in my controller

    I have the following renderer

    function renderProduct(value, p, r) { return Ext.String.format('<a href=# rel=editRow class=editRow>{0}</a>',...
  22. I'm using 4.1

    I've worked this out. I need to set the setExtraParam like so....

    contactStore.proxy.setExtraParam('contactType', contactType);
  23. In my proxy i set the a custom param which a global variable "contactType" that is set at the header of my html page

  24. I have some logic that changes the store read url. This is working well but i have 2 issues.

    1) when i change the store url. I would like the pager to return to the first page
    2) when i change...
  25. I wish to change the href value of my button

    var worksheet = Ext.getCmp('partWorksheet');
    worksheet.href = '/misreport/PartWorkSheet/' + jobId

    When i look in firebug i can see that the value...
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