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    u're a good man, this plugin is useful for me.
  2. hey guys, i find some problem with layout:hbox. code below

    var panel = Ext.create("Ext.Panel", { layout: 'vbox',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'panel',
    html: '111',
  3. hello, everyone.

    <!DOCTYPE html><html>

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    Getting Started
  4. thank u, mitchellsimoens, now it work
    by the way, i can't find 'scrollDock' in API Docs.
  5. yes, i want carousel at the top of the list.
  6. anybody help me?
  7. thank you, and best wish to sencha team.
  8. i use ST and packaged by phonegap, phonegap had published version 2.2 to compatible with windows 8 recently, i want to know if ST compatible with windows 8 in next version.
  9. it looks so cool, and i can't believe ST can make so perfect game.
    due to the google play can't uesed in my country, would u offer apk download url?
  10. hi, mate!
    in ST2.0.1.1 version, i have a carousel in list, code below

    var myCarousel = new Ext.Carousel({...pic inside...});
    var myList = Ext.create('Ext.List', {
    id: 'myList',
  11. thx a lot, Tim.
    my brain has low speed recently, i see light suddenly that i can use 'xtype:combobox' replace 'ext.create()', the xtype syntax can avoid double quotation marks.
  12. thank you, @vietits.
    due to my server side program is PHP, and the json is a transform from php array, so its difficult to remove double quotation marks, so i put a special mark in array like this
  13. due to the dynamic module consideration, i must output ext code in json block.

    this time i want to add combobox into a grid column dynamically, the extjs code fragment like this

    var grid =...
  14. thank a lot to ingo.hefti, the 'home','user' is default css style name in sencha-touch.css, the redefinition name has given in my css file, so it looks like shadow in my page.
    by the way, my project...
  15. Ext.application({
    name: 'sample',
    launch: function() {
    var panel = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    layout: 'vbox',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'panel',
    flex: 1,
    html: 'product',...
  16. woooow~, the code does not works in extjs4.0, but it works in extjs4.1 perfect!
    i want to upgrade 4.0 to 4.1 in my project, does extjs support backword-compatible?
    thanks a lot to evant and...
  17. the code delete the east panel, but it does not create the new east panel.
  18. i'm new to extjs and want to delete and rebuild a component in layout of border, code below:

    var eastPanel_before = new Ext.Panel({
    id: 'eastPanel_before',
    title: 'east comp',
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