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  1. Thank you very much :)
  2. I was looking at password strength implementations with ExtJS and came across this particular implementation,

    A password strength meter for passwords for ExtJS4.

    This is implemented using ExtJS...
  3. Wow that worked like magic!
    Thanks a lot for that Animal.:D
  4. Thanks for that Animal. Can you please expand a bit on that. That would be great. I am newbie to both ExtJS and Javascript.

    Thank you
  5. Hi All,
    I was unable to find a thread that would answer my question. So created this new thread.
    I have a collapsed component in my Formpanel(indicated in red).After listening to a certain event,...
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    Hi All,
    Please let me know if I have posted in the wrong area.
    Guess this is one of the solutions.
    Here is what I did to get my ComboBox to show up with filtered elements.
    It worked for me....
  7. @mystix Thanks a ton. It worked like charm for me. Now the gridpanel is displayed even though the value is null.
    @evant Thank you. Couldn't get it work instantaneously . But I would try the option...
  8. Hi All,
    I couldn't find a solution in the Forums and Docs. So this post.

    I have a GridPanel that has a column where a few entries are null. This is because the record returns null for few entries...
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    Thanks a lot Condor.
    It worked fine. You gave a lot of insight into things.
    Thanks a lot for that.
  10. It did work, but didn't see a considerable difference in the speed.
    maybe EXT Team could figure this out.

    Thanks Chris503
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    The second option you gave works perfectly fine.
    Can you please tell me as to what went wrong in the above code that is not letting me from copying the items in the grid. I used the first option...
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    I added it in "ext-all.js".
    Now it works.
    Thanks a lot Condor
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    Here is the Grid which I need to be able to copy from.(As of now I am not able to copy)

    var gridCandidate = new xg.GridPanel({
    store : candidatestore,
    loadMask: true,
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    I would like to use the second option.
    Can anyone let me know where I need to place this code?May sound silly but please help me.
    I tried placing the code snippet outside the GridPanel code. It...
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    Have a look. May Help:-?
  16. Thanks a lot Chris503. Tried out things you suggested.
    Thanks evant as well. You were right with your explaination. I got it wrong.

    Here's what I changed and both the problems i mentioned above...
  17. What I am doing here is adding an icon next to the rendered name that would bring up a pop up window in the same page.

    I provided the nameRenderer function just for reference. Sorry if that was...
  18. 1. @evant href=# is put that way because on clicking on that link it actually opens up a new window in the same screen as the Grid Panel.

    2. And here is a strange behaviour I have noticed in...
  19. Hi All,
    I have a GridPanel that has a Hyperlink. My user base is Firefox centric and I would want to set the default action on clicking the hyperlink to open in a new tab.
    The problem i am facing...
  20. The work around which I used worked.The regular expression was able to parse it. I had a problem with understanding which one if it JavaScript/JSON had a problem with handling "Line Feeds". Thanks...
  21. I wasn't sure as to where I had to post this. So I apologise for this.
    JSON doesn't handle the "Carriage Return" and the "Line Feed" actions in a proper way.
    This results in a "Unterminated String...
  22. Reposting it here as I had posted in Ext 1.0 help!!
  23. i sorted it out. i figured out that validator always expects us to return either true/false after the validator function completes execution. changes mentioned in Red

  24. I have designed this formpanel to read in details from the user. What I am trying to do here is validate at the time of entry if the given email id is unique and not present in the system. Though...
  25. i sorted it out. i figured out that validator always expects us to return either true/false after the validator function completes execution. changes mentioned in Red

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