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  1. Version is 2.2.1 GPL

  2. I found a weird bug.

    I have a barchart with a itemtap listener defined in the series config. If the barchart is displayed as vertical (default) all works fine. However, if I use flipXY: true to...
  3. Hi

    I'm playing with a simple charting app to familiarise myself with Chart, but i'm struggling due to lack of detail or examples in the docs.
    So far I have a nice bar chart which gets it's data...
  4. I had a similar problem in that certain label names were not displaying on my barchart if there were too many bars.
    The simple solution is to add the following param to your chart:

    axes: [{
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    Thanks guys - I ended up doing the animated GIF approach and it works a treat :-)

    However, I would much prefer a pure CSS approach. Also, i'm slightly worried about device performance if there are...
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    I've searched around for this, but haven't found what I need.

    Basically, I have a dataview or list which loads a number of images dynamically from an external feed (kindof like a facebook wall)....
  7. After fixing a few other bugs the problem just disappeared, so I can only assume it was good old 'human error' on my part :-)
  8. Hi

    I'm pretty new to Sencha, so apologies if this is a noob question. I have trawled through the forums and not found an answer.

    I have an app that follows MVC approach.
    When I run the dev...
  9. I'm using Touch 2.1.1
    So on reading this thread I get it's easy enough to add multiple items to a tab bar (or toolbar) and make it scroll horizontally... what happens if you have a toolbar that...
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