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  1. maksimka2112,

    So which version of the extension are you using?

    Have you tried mine from post #629? Or are you using the original one?
  2. I guess, Gary above has commented on your issue... I don't have much experience with this particular control...

    setupMonitor: function() {
    var me = this;
    var fn =...
  3. The code you posted originally (below) looks nothing like what you posted last. Why are you customizing the original Ext.form.ComboBox by yourself (calling it LovComboLookupField) and not using the...
  4. I'm sorry, this is very difficult to read. Could you, edit your previous post and surround your code with
    [ CODE ] [ / CODE ] (remove the spaces, I added them, so that these tags are visible)?
  5. You need to provide a reproducible example on jsfiddle or just the code, namely, what is your store?
  6. I do not know about your particular problem.In the code above just remove the lines
    // kevink: add our ComboPlugin config.plugins = config.plugins || []; ...
  7. I have a different LovCombo file that works, it seems to actually disable the default tab handling, noting that it does no good, if you get an error with 'labkey-combo', do remove that line, please,...
  8. Hello, shipra007, I am not experiencing, what you described.
    I can use the Tab key to navigate around my UI to get the focus on the LovCombo box, then use the Down arrow key to show the drop-down...
  9. Got it to work like this:

    tabchange: function(tabPanel, tab){
    if ( tab.title == 'Create' ){
    var focusTask = new Ext.util.DelayedTask( cbWorkspace.onTrigger1Click, cbWorkspace );
  10. Same problem and agree on the confusion.
  11. Thanks, wm003.

    I ended up finding a working soluation and it has the following override:

    assertValue:function() {
    var rv = this.getRawValue();
    var rva = rv.split(new...
  12. ritesh.kapse, thanks, I got inspired by your code and modified the corresponding code in ExtJS 3.4 to get the tab text to be centered:

    * Override to set Tab titles centered (can do any other...
  13. Listen to 'selectrow' and 'deselectrow' events and then call the following:

    var view = pnlTable.getView();
    t =...
  14. Thanks for that quick fix, Seek!
  15. May be what I am asking is the same as what is referred to in the quote:

    What and where would I modify in order to be able to keep the non-selected items in the drop-down list sorted?

  16. epoks, could you, please, explain, how to use your "overwrite"?

    Why do you say that it is PHP code, when in actuality it is JavaScript code, no? Or am I misunderstanding something?

    Oh, yes, and...
  17. on line 49 in file *.ExtendedComboBox.js

    Seems to me that you are also missing in your github archive the images used in your control, such as checked.gif, unchecked.gif, star.png, and...
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