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  1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for not posting the clear details in earlier message. Here are the details on what is required....

    I want to create a multi select dropdown with Checkbox against each...
  2. Hi,

    How to find the checkbox status for sencha gxt checkbox component? I have binded Checkbox to ListView and how do i get the checkbox status when i click ListView cell?

    I am able to get the...
  3. Hi,

    Can any one suggest the approach to construct the + button and - button on right hand side of Tree Node.
  4. Can anyone help me to construct TreeStore? I need to construct a TreeStore which can have any number of nodes in each hierarchical nodes. I am getting input as ListStore and based on the listStore...
  5. ListStore is in the form of List of HashMap. Each HashTable represents one table row where key as table column and values as column values. if the table have "n" records, the listStore will have "n"...
  6. Thanks in bunch for your help. I have implemented with TextButtonCell and it looks good. I am able to accomplish this code with button, but I want the same implementation with hyperlink, but the...
  7. I am getting the ListStore<T> from my service provider. I want to convert this ListStore to TreeStore<T> and need to bind convert TreeStore to Tree<BaseDto>.
  8. If words are hard to understand, let me put it in simple.

    Need to render a button in Grid columns, but the button should be in the form of link or hyperlink.
  9. I need to apply render() to any grid. for an example: I have a grid1 and grid2.

    I need to render grid1's first column values to hyperlink button type.

    I should have generic code for rendering...
  10. Even i need the similiar approach in my application. If we get the sample code, it will be more benifical.
  11. How to add Combo box to ContentPanel Header? This has to be down via UIBINDER.
  12. This is my grid rendering code, I want the same from outside of this class. Rendering should be generic for all grids. Can anyone help to fix this?

    public class SavedListGrid extends...
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    How can we do the same in Sencha GXT 3.0
  14. How to create more grids in Sencha GXT 3.X using UIBinder?
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