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  1. How to add column in AJAX gridpanel ext.Net on the click of 'Add column' option?
    The grid data is coming from DB.
    Please provide the code for the same.
  2. Want to implement drag and drop for the column in the grid. would want the code for the same.

  3. I am using dnd_grid_to_grid.js example. In that drag and drop from one grid to another is possible. I want to male drag and drop within the same grid also.
    Ple5asseanotheranother anotherPlease...
  4. Still not clear, can you please show the code how to do it?
  5. I am new to Sencha, would want to implement the same functionality
    Can you please share the code?

  6. I am new to Sencha...trying to implement the same functionality. can you please share the code?



    I'm in trouble in dealing with two drag&drop...
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