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  1. The problem with this is that CMD will try to do its magic on all files found in the added paths, even if those files are not used in the app.
    I have several .js files in my app folders and some...
  2. O, btw, you did enable the listpaging plugin and are using a data proxy?
    Because otherwise it just may be that the list renders ALL items instead of only a small portion.
  3. You may try to set the maxItemHeight config option of the buffered list to the expected height of an item, maybe that helps?

    You can also take a look at my code, maybe you'll see something that...
  4. But it does scroll.... you previously said it didn't scroll.
    So you basically have a performance issue, not a functionality issue.

    Do you have large images?
    Or css box shadows or round corners...
  5. Shouldn't be a problem, as long as you adhere to the List and the itemtemplate mechanism it uses.
    I show for each item an image with a couple of lines of text.

    For a screenshot:
  6. If scrolling still doesn't work with my fork, then I think you may have some other issues.
    Maybe you've disabled scrolling for the list container or something like that.
    Try the normal Ext.List...
  7. I hope it also supports DataView so I can create custom list components.
  8. No, it doesn't make sense.
    Why shouldn't you want grouping and an indexbar with a dataview?

    The list is now limited to what you can put in a template, which boils down to formatting some html....
  9. Awesome news that Sencha is making an infinite list :)

    In the meantime you can have a look at the ext.ux.bufferedlist that was ported to Sencha Touch 2.0.
    Take a look at this thread:...
  10. I know.
    I'm still not sure if the fixes I made are the best or if they are simply workarounds.
    I need to test it more, but right now it seems to work for me.
    I still get some strange repaint issue...
  11. I think it would be best if we move the discussion of the buffered list to the Sencha Touch 2.x: Examples and Showcases forum.

    - Using the buffered list in a nestedlist now correctly passes the itemtap events.
    - base DataView now uses the viewItemArray...
  13. Hi

    I have encountered 2 issues with the buffered list (using sencha touch 2.1.0-beta2):
    1. usage in a nestedlist
    If I use it as the list in a nestedlist by setting the xtype of the listconfig to...
  14. Thanks ! ... and forked !
  15. That would be awesome, as my version on github has no special testcases, it's just part of a big app.
  16. My version already is on Github.
    It is part of my comic reader web app.
    You can find it here

    It is however...
  17. Thanks for pointing out that I need to use Robert's version (big thanks to him too of course !).
  18. Don't read this the wrong way, I use this component (with my own modifications) but keeping up with all changes here is hard.
    You refer to the latest version, so what would that be?
    This thread...
  19. Thank you very much for this component and thank jepp for his bugfixes.
    This component really should be part of Sencha Touch 2.
  20. I've originally created my ST 2.0 app via the sencha tools.
    Now when I upgraded to 2.1.0b2 via the same sencha tools via 'sencha app upgrade etc.' my app no longer displayed anything, while I could...
  21. In 2.1.0-b1


    where comicinfofieldset is configured with:

    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'Comic Info',
    itemId: 'comicinfofieldset',
  22. Unfortunately 2.1 b1 doesn't fix this issue for me.
    I have a vertical split view with 2 containers with a top docked toolbar each. Both toolbar titles are truncated
    Running Chrome 21.0.1180.60 on...
  23. Alright, thanks :)
  24. I guessed as much, but the solution to prepend the store id is a breaking change from 2.0.1 to and should've been communicated as such.
    It requires that server components be modified, which...
  25. Replies
    I too have encountered this bug.
    It seems to me that the entire library has some serious issues with returned exceptions and with invalid JSON responses (e.g. a php error).

    I'm still...
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