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  1. Hi,

    I have the same issue. Have you find a solution?
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    I have some problem... List slow in Andorid device.
    You say that you remove shadows ... where ? in sass? can you show a example or post the code to improve performance of List

    Thansk :)...
  3. It is a bug of 4.3, I resolve downgrade to 4.2
  4. IOS Focus problem it is on ver. 2.0.1 too

    It 's no solve, I have open a tikect too

    I hope that this BUG will solve as soon as possible because It is a big problem for application on IOS
  5. Hi,
    I refer to iOS system
    In androdi or Chrome or Safari desktop browser (MAC) I haven't problem

    The problem is focus on iOS sytem... no Emulator but with real device (IPAD,IPHONE)
  6. Problem is CSS, if I will comment css file in index.html I resolve the problem, focus work

    ... but the page/program is without css and It is unusable... of course (but focus work) :-)
  7. HI,
    I have some problem with set focus on textfield , I have open a Ticket also

    I hope this problem will be solve soon
  8. Hi,
    I resolve (perhaps) problem with this code ovveride "showPicker" ;)

    change old line of code

    record = store.getAt((index == -1) ? 0 : index);

  9. Hi,
    I bind a property of record to a selectfield with required = false ... if It property is null the selectfield will to show the palceHolder text (perfect)
    but when I want select a item of...
  10. ... I agree... is useful a empty option :)
  11. Thanks, I have the some problem... change store and the list of select don't change
    ... I use your solution.. it's ok! :-)

    I hope sencha team resolve the BUG in next release
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