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  1. Yes, I am also really disappointed in the authors and publishers. No more Manning Publications for me.
  2. Yes, it is. Thanks for the bump. Unfortunately Sencha doesn't seem to be listening to most of the bug reports, which is very frustrating...
  3. Thanks for the clarifications Jamie.
  4. Hi,

    Touch Charts 1.0.0 comes packaged with the Sencha Touch library.

    I have noticed that the file sizes of sencha-touch.js and sencha-touch-debug.js are different between the latest releases of...
  5. Bumped, after 2 weeks, in the hope that Sencha will log this...
  6. Bumped, after 2 weeks, in the hope that Sencha will log this...
  7. If the lack of focus on bugs this time was to get Charts released, well then I can confirm that after some testing (by me), these two bug fixes appear to also work with the Sencha Touch library...
  8. Hi,

    According to the "Posting to the bug forum" sticky:

    Well, I posted two bugs over a week ago, and they still haven't even got a PENDING status yet. In fact, I posted bug fixes to them a...
  9. Possible fix:

    Intersection detection relies on Draggable.region intersecting with (or, optionally, being contained by) Droppable.region
    Draggable.region is updated on each move of the object by...
  10. Possible fix:

    Use this.canDrop to only allow the Droppable that the Draggable is over to change cancelRevert. Modify onBeforeDragEnd in Ext.util.Droppable to be:

    // @private
  11. B]Sencha Touch version tested:[/B]


    only default ext-all.css
    Platform tested against:

    iOS 4.3.3
    Chrome (OSX) 15.0.839.0
  12. The Sencha version should say 1.1.0.
  13. Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css

    Platform tested against:
  14. OK, I'm thinking this is actually a bug.

    If I take the dragdrop example code, and change revert to false for the Draggable, I get exactly the same behavior. Once the Draggable is relocated, it no...
  15. The first book isn't finished yet, but you can get the current state as an ebook from the publisher. I have a copy, and at the moment it is very rough and ready, and hasn't been much use to me. It...
  16. I have Panel with a Draggable and a Droppable Object placed in it. When I first move the Draggable, I successfully get a dropenter event from the Droppable when the Draggable intersects.

  17. Upon further investigation, it appears that this issue is with the Draggable object, not the Droppable. So, I figure that using el.SetXY probably is the correct way to move a Droppable object.
  18. To position a Ext.util.Draggable object on the screen, I can use it's moveTo method.

    However, Ext.util.Droppable does not have a moveTo method. What is the correct way to (re)position it?

  19. I've (mostly) found a solution with a little help from this tutorial:

    I made a class to contain the Draggables/Droppables by...
  20. Hi,

    I need to have a number of draggable and droppable images on a screen with menus at the top and sides.

    I have tried to implement this using the Draggable and Droppable classes, but I am...
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    Got it. Yes, I had not added the class to the img tag. Now it works. Thanks!
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    Thanks for making me aware of that. I just gave it a go but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with the draggable image, so I'll stick with the JavaScript workaround for now.
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    Well, it seems that Google has fixed the problem in the latest nightly build of Chrome.

    Somewhere between the current dev channel build (14.0.814.0) and the current Canary build (14.0.822.0) the...
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    Using the onmousedown event to change the default browser behavior (as described in my previous post) solved the issue with the browser dragging the image. I added it to both draggable and droppable...
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    I found the answer on another post...
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