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  1. This still appears to be an issue in 4.2.2 - any updates??
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    Anything on this? The grid is basically useless if you have to define explicit widths.
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    This is a showstopper for me too - is there a workaround yet?
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    Have we gotten an official response on this? Using the forums to track the status of bug fixes is a bit of a pain..
  5. I think you can get the beta here:

    via the blog (
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    +1 To this
  7. This may apply:
  8. Any workarounds available for this? I am facing the same issue.

  9. Thanks! The CSS I posted above kind of messes up the headers if you have grouped hearers. Half the header ends up being white with the other half being gray (or blue). I prefer that to the rows not...
  10. It seems that adding this to my css fixes it with the bufferedrenderer plugin:

    .x-grid-row {
    height: 22px;
  11. This appears to be fixed, unless you are using the bufferedrenderer plugin..

    This screenshot is from the Locking Buffer Rendered TreeGrid Example taken in IE8:


    A quick fix/workaround...
  12. I just came across this bug too. It seems kind of difficult to reproduce consistently, but I will try to track down the steps.

    Edit: For me it only appears to happen when trying to open the column...
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    I believe you also have to change it in the '[appdir]/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg' file then build the app:

    # The name of the package containing the theme scss for the app
  14. Sorry if this has been reported, but the rows on the locked tree grid do not align with the non locked rows in IE8:

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    Sorry if this has been reported, I tried to search but didn't see anything.

    REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0 rev 265

    Browser versions tested against:

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    I think that's a bit of BS - some of us target Android because we have a lot more users on that platform than iOS (and we have the logs to back it up).
  17. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Safari 5.1.2 (Windows)
  18. See the "Using Refs" section this page:!/api/

    You don't need to hold on to the references, just add the selectors to the refs array like in...
  19. Try it like this:

    pruneRemoved: false

    var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', { plugins: [cellEditor], width: 100, ...
  20. Any updates on this? Switching tabs in windowed tabpanel is painfully slow in IE8 with 4.1.0
  21. I get the same issue with Chrome on Mac (I will have to double check the chrome version when I get home). No issues in Safari or Firefox.
  22. I see the same thing in one of my apps
  23. Looks like a similar issue is happening when changing the grouping of the grid.. I did some debugging this morning and from what I can tell the issue may be with the record's internalId:

    I took a...
  24. Anyone willing to run the sample and let me know if they have the same issue?
  25. Hi. I am having a strange issue with the grid when filtering/unfiltering a store.. Please see the example code below that I put together recreate the issue. Please let me know I am doing something...
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