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  1. Ye,I did agree with you.I have try serial methods to do that without swf but fail too.I saw the idea of ExtJs Dev Team member that it hard to do because of limit of browser.However,We do something...
  2. What a nice job! Thanks.Can you take a example that monitor the upload data in file upload progress without swf and use ProgressBar to show the percent.When I use the C#+ExtJs,I find it hard to...
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    I have modified the resource for v3 of forum.
    You should import "export-all.js" and "bootstrap.js".Moreover,you should run it in iis or tomcat.
    This extend need flash 11 and export excel file only...
  4. is the best project recently,but there is not example and may have a little bug.
  5. I have try the example.There are something wrong "c is not a constructor".The Ext.ux.exporter.Button is not right.Can you correct it?

    * @class Ext.ux.Exporter.Button
    * @extends...
  6. I have the same problem.When I use the example in v4.1.1 ,the Ext.ux.exporter.Button has something wrong " c is not constructor".The Ext.ux.exporter.Button is extend by Ext.Component.I don't know...
  7. Hi,everyone.There is a odd event I meet with.When I double click the stripe of content of grid,the stripe will go forward a little.I don't konw the reason that leading to this.Can somebody help me to...
  8. I don't think so.I use it perfectly on IE9 and chrome.When I move model or field the data can not show in any way.
  9. Yes,I do check the post and response,the data and form of json are both right.There is not error.Is there something wrong I ignore?
  10. Hi,everyone.I write a three level linkage combo example.I can do it in IE9 and Chrome,but when I do it in FireFox,The third combo can not show content.I have found the json data in firebug,but I...
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    Thank your reply.That's useful for me.Thanks again.
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    :-?No one can help me?I feel so sad
  13. I have the same feeling with you.The change is hard to imagin.The key , structure of API,is very different with 3.0.Maybe my ability is not very good.However I need whole examples to learn it.For...
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    No one can take it?
    ok, I have solved something.However there is till a problem.I can't show the information on the field.Because the value is not member of store.Can you give me some help.Thanks.
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    do you need to take a tree in combobox?In Ext3.0 it may become true.However I can't make it in 4.0.Can somebody give me a example?Thanks very much.
  16. There is a question about it in the Forums4.x Ext.Help.I have the same problem.

    I have tested many examples and say it that my notion and solution.

    It may lead by global var.Sometimes you...
  17. I have the same tragedy with you.I don't know how to explain that phenomenon.Moreover,I use the code from example of ext.tree.Panel.However,I use it on some other environment the column is...
  18. I just don't want to use style of inline.Is there some module instead of Treenode?
  19. The treenode is puzzle from 3 to 4.Is there some to instead?
  20. I have the same puzzle with you!the Treenode is gone in 4.x.I don't know why and what's instead
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    hello everyone!
    I am sad that I can't find treenode in 4.x api.Just nodeinterface,but I don't need.I don't want to bulid a tree by style of inline .I am intent to use 'Ext.create' to bulid...
  22. Thank strike's answer.The key is name must match,I learn from your code.Thank you again
  23. Hi,guys!

    I need to click on line in grid and show info into the Formpanel,the example writing by itself I have learned.However,I still don't know how to take it between gird and...
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    I'm sorry that I can't use the Tooltip when ext3.x changed to ext4.x.There is a error in the example of qtips.I wan't know how to use it .Can somebody give me a example,Thanks
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