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    When logging in the site tried to redirect me to: Invalid Redirect URL (
  2. This is an old issue to us. When dealing with RSS feeds, if someone puts a special character such as the copyright symbol into the feed it will prevent the whole feed displaying. While digging into...
  3. Here is some code we ended up with using that handles the cascade for anyone out there.

    // This override handles the placement of window popups so they cascade
    Ext.override(Ext.Window, {
  4. Completely agree. Great job on your first book. Loved it since earlier this summer when I got the PDF.
  5. Thanks for the explanation Condor. Much appreciated.
  6. Curious here, so for the past year each time I get the latest code base to play around with and extract the files I ALWAYS get a warning of overwriting the Menu.html file.

    I extracted the latest...
  7. Thanks Animal, but if the value is then changed back to the original value does it remain in that dirty listing?
    Since I got you on the line, would you tell me when exactly the item gets listed to...
  8. How is this done?
    Is it keeping a list of just local data thats been manipulated such as changing the value 'Homebound' to 'Homerun'?
    What if the user were to change 'Homebound' and then change it...
  9. It's not ExtJS code that has the error. And honestly next time format the post or dont post it at all.

    Are you wrapping your JS in the onready check?
  10. Never mind. I just check the source of the code it came from version pre 3.2.0.
    I have version 3.2.0 and it does not work on that and I tested it on 3.2.1 and it works there. I will have to update...
  11. I am trying to load in external RSS sources and some load others do not. The Script says it is choking at not finding channel, but I can clearly see the channel tag set.

    For example loading in a...
  12. But for some ungodly reason this section of code does not follow those laws. Thats why I was asking about it. Something very odd going on and I can't find any code elsewhere that they have that could...
  13. True, but if an output statement is called prior to code that modifies an object then the output statement is to contain the information prior to the call to modify it.
  14. That is what I was expecting to see as well, but using the RSS reader example that has been modified and passed over to me, but the values are modified prior to the statements which...
  15. Just spent my morning trying to debug some code, wondering why values were being changed, or omitted.
    For example.

    var alpha = {
    id: 'yellow',
    value: 'blue',
    url: ''...
  16. No, I actually dont have that in the inherited code. So from your post I take it the best approach is to always look at something like

    if(data.success == 'true'){...}

    Is this correct?
  17. Hey thanks. I believe this is what I needed will give it a try.
  18. I have an exception listener. However it is not an exception. On the server side what I am testing is if the XML from an RSS fails to parse then it is caught and generates a simple json object with...
  19. Using an AJAX call I can get data back from the server and check its content such as looking for 'data' or looking for an optional 'errors' name value sets.
    In the use of a datastore, how can I do...
  20. Its a property that you set for the combobox
    'editable: false' or 'editable: true'
    Read the link again that Animal posted for you.
  21. Glad you said that. I was having major db pool connection failures and inquired about it to the developer who pushed for us to use Oracle about it. At first he did not think there was anything to do...
  22. // JAVA backside.
    URL feedUrl = new URL(req.getParameter("url"));
    HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) feedUrl.openConnection();
    SyndFeedInput input = new...
  23. I also just plugged in the for this site and it gives the same info for the xml tag.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    FYI my tag set is NOT empty I was...
  24. pulling feeds. I was given xml files to put on the test server. The PM said that these were all valid xml 2.0 feeds that were from internal resources. Only one of them throws an exception on the...
  25. Also Firefox Firebug plugin shows.
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