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    Well, I can try to test v5 in a few weeks time. In the meantime, I am using a nightly build (ext-4.2.3-20140616-beta) and it looks like the styles for form elements have changed. I am using Sencha...
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    Any word on this?
  3. I think that this is the same problem:

    If so, it is fixed in 4.2.3.

    I have a thread inquiring about that version as I ran into this problem...
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    I cannot find any information about the release schedule for 4.2.3...

    Is there a release schedule somewhere? Also, is there a current changelog for the nightly builds somewhere?

  5. Awesome. Can't believe I didn't think about trying that. Looks like it works! Thanks!
  6. Dang! Any plans for it in the future? It was a great feature in version 2.
  7. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  8. Hello.

    Back in the Sencha architect 2 days, I frequently had multiple projects open at the same time (as some of them had similar concepts I could quickly look back and forth).

    I haven't found...
  9. Looks like you may be over nesting. Grid panels are a panel, too, so you don't need to put your grid inside of a panel. Try removing the "My Panel" panel and moving the grid panel up to be a child of...
  10. Awesome, thanks for the reply!
  11. Hello. We finally upgraded from Sencha Architect 2 to 3, and I have been trying ot upgrade our projects to use the new architect. I am running into a strange problem... Our projects use vertical...
  12. I was hoping this could be done, and lo and behold it can. I agree that project settings makes more sense than right clicking on library.
  13. Hello

    Is there any new information about this?

  14. Thanks for the help and info.
  15. So when collapsing/expanding, it must somehow determine the correct height? Any thoughts as to why collapsing/expanding would make it work right (or better yet, how to apply the same principle to...
  16. I have tried to make it vanilla. Let me know if this does not work for you.


    This is what it looks like for me:

  17. Hello.

    I am having a problem with a border layout panel. Basically, when the page is first loaded, the north panel is overflowing (not sure if this is the best word) the center panel.


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