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  1. For scrolling to work :

    Use below snippet to achieve this on iOS devices

    <div style="-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y: scroll;height:500px;"><iframe...
  2. Hello All,

    I am looking for a solution for the white screen which comes up when we open the application built
    using sencha on android devices. I got the white screen for few seconds then it loads...
  3. Dear Friends,

    I am making an android app using Sencha Touch 2. In my app there is a requirement to open a external URL to restaurant from list of restaurants.

    I have tried with <a...
  4. Replies

    I need a small help in implementing Lazy Loading feature for my list.

    I need to show 5 list items visible at a time and on scrolling the next 5.

    How can i achieve this thing without...
  5. Version 3
  6. this is the permission block from json file.

  7. Hi,

    I am trying to find a way, how to remove extra permissions added into AndroidManifest.xml after using this command:
    sencha package build <config filename>.json

    There are lots of...
  8. Hi ,

    I think this version is for Sencha Touch 1.
    I am looking for 2 version..

    Can you give me a link for the same..

    Thanks for ur help.
  9. Hi All,

    I am looking for a example to implement auto suggestion feature like google in my textfield.

    Kindly help if there is any example available.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for prompt reply.
    Well this is displaying the records but not filtered one..
    Even when I click on next item to display records the old filtered records are still

  11. Hi,

    I am using 2 stores:


  12. Hi,

    The problem has been resolved.

  13. Hi Guys,

    I need a small help in setting the value of a textfield from my localstorage.

    I am using Ext.getCmp('text-field-id').setValue(newValue);

    I am getting error as :

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