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  1. I'm working around this bug by adding this CSS (which overrides the Neptune theme) to my app:

    input.x-form-invalid-field {
    border-color: #cf4c35 !important;

    Hope that helps. ~o)
  2. Thanks for providing that sample test case. It works correctly under the Classic theme but fails under the Neptune theme, as demonstrated here: ~o)

    I forgot to...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883
    Ext 4.2.0 rev 663
    Ext 4.1.1 rev a
    Browser versions tested against:
  4. Not officially. Until then, you can try my ext-4.2.0 fork on GitHub:
  5. I used my Ext 4.2.0 patches for boxselect for some weeks now and they seem stable.

    So I have submitted my patches for merging upstream in a pull request on GitHub:
  6. Hello,

    When using the Neptune theme under Ext, a small gap appears (through which the document's white background color can be seen) below a tabpanel's tabBar, as shown in the attached...
  7. I forked this extension on GitHub and fixed some Ext 4.2.0 issues:

    I'll send a pull request to the author after I test it out a bit...
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    Please allow controller actions to be bound to existing controller refs. This would allow us to encapsulate the knowledge of controlQuery in a single layer (controller refs) and as...
  9. According to the API docs, the nodedragover event is only available since Ext 4.1.2. However, that version hasn't been released as GPL yet, so I've been forced to rely on the private...
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    Please document the jsonData property of the hash passed to Ext.Ajax.request() as described here. ~o)
  11. To make the above code work, I had to add it to my panel's beforerender event binding.
  12. Hello Phil,

    Thanks for your suggestion. It seems my comment was off-topic, as I was referring to a different limitation altogether: although we're able to define Reference nodes (composed of a...
  13. ExtJS 4.1.1 doesn't have the ability to use refs inside control(). That's why Sencha Architect does not show user-defined references in that dropdown menu. I wish it did though! It's repetitive...
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    I found that ExtJS 4.1.1 lets us specify the HTTP method used to load data into a store:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',...
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    Here is keckeroo's code snippet updated for Ext JS 4.1.0:

    // helper functions for caret positioning in HTML text fields
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    Thanks for posting this problem and providing your solution; it helped me make progress under a tight schedule. =D>

    Now I shall repay the favor: I was able to shorten your solution to the...
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    Ext.form.field.ComboBox's API documentation does not document the queryCaching configuration option, which allows the developer to force the combobox to always query the server for auto-completion...
  18. Hello,

    I modified the TreeGrid example in ExtJS 4.0.2 (as shown in the diff below) to put the TreeGrid inside a container with vbox layout and restricted height. When I expand a node in the...
  19. Will the ExtJS 4 MVC Architecture guide be updated to fix these errata? In its current state, the guide might frustrate and drive away new users like myself. :(
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