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  1. Hi All,
    I'm using ExtJS 3.0 for my J2EE Application. Here i want get the data from database and populate into my editor grid panel. The data may be Html Tag, for example <no zip code>. I need to...
  2. Hi All,

    I'm using gridpanel, here i tried to populate the data into my grid. while populate the data i got Unterminated string constant error in IE. data like
    <table width = 60%> <tr>
  3. Hi Friends,
    for a J2EE Web project, I have to added a FileUploadField plugin for my file upload. Everything working fine in file upload but i need clean the text box after my file upload is...
  4. Hi All,
    I need to insert or update the data into database. Here i need to get the from ext js grid panel based on my column value. For example in my grid have 2 columns. Column name like data and...
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    Hi Sir,

    I'm using EXT-JS 3 and EXT - Js Designer Tool also and i tried to add grid panel but its showing error like
    Line: 48215
    Error: Unable to get value of the property 'getSortState': object...
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    Hi All,
    I use EXT JS 3 Designer Tool for UI Design. Here i want use File Upload button like browse button. I can't do that. How can i use browse button in that tool. Can any one help me.
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    Dear livensnick,

    Can you help me how can i get the value, where i can modify code?. I don't know how to do. Please help me.
  8. Hi All,
    How can i get file upload button or browse button in EXT Designer Tool. Can any one tell me how can get this.
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    I use ExtJs Designer tool for gui Development. I tried to get radio box value but it showing error for me. can any one tell me how to get the value. Here i need Radio Group, but i don't know...
  10. Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me how to read data from excel file and load into the EXTJS data grid. Please help me on this.
  11. Hi All,

    I'm new to EXT JS Designer tool, i want use File upload button, but this button not there in designer tool, can anyone tell me how to use. Please help me.
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