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  1. Thank u mitchelsimeons! For some reason i was unable to get it at first, but it is working fine now.
  2. hi,
    the problem still seems to exist. I tried with the above override but it doesn't change anything.. Any alternative would be greatly helpful. thanks
  3. @mitchellsimoens here is the code.

    App.views.SettingsFormView = {
    xtype: 'formpanel',
    scroll: 'vertical',
    id: 'settingsform',
    dockedItems: [{
    xtype: 'toolbar',
    title: 'Settings',...
  4. 30444

    UI problem can be seen from the image. That is a fieldset in a form. When form is disabled. The masking is not proper at the end of the fields. Any suggestions or workarounds would be...
  5. hi,
    There is a UI problem that i have been observing when selectfield is disabled. The masking at the end of the field(where a down arrow is present) is not complete. Is there a way to mask it...
  6. @mitchellsimoens thank u! It works.
  7. hi, I would like to show a placeHolder for datepickerfield in a form. I see that in API there is no placeHolder configuration option for datepickerfield. Any workaround would be helpful.
  8. hi andreacammarata,

    Actually i put it wrongly in my last post.. What i meant by a tab was not just the tab, also the components associated with it as well. It seems that by default an item's xtype...
  9. Are tabs that are created in TabPanel can be merged into single tab in an easy way.. As an example putting all the tabs in one panel and using card layout we can switch between them(but when i...
  10. I am trying to do a simple application which has three tabs. and each tab having some components. I have an home tab which is shown by default after launching. i hava list tab and a tab for showing...
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