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    Looks great. I'm not in London right now but have lived / consulted there in the past - and this will eventually be a great app to have as there's nothing worse the running to the station to find out...
  2. We've just added the 'switch channels' function on the mobile device - and desktop too.

    If you're in more than one channel (group), you can switch to your other channel (with other/more/less apps)...
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    Looks great.

    Now if the tube posted data to show the trains on the map ... that'd be sweet.
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    Simon, that looks great.

    It came in handy for the start of iBuddz's mobile version which you can see at:

    You have to have an account set up on the...
  5. well sure seems to work well
  6. I see it's working for Google Chrome which is interesting ...

    Are you streaming the audio from a radio station or is this running mp3 files?

  7. The site is great but I'm not hearing anything in the player for the radio station.

    Are you streaming live audio? from a radio station or is it an static file?

  8. Opinions if you don't mind.

    We've had a number of people testing the iBuddz desktop site and more recently, the Alpha version of the mobile site - in particular the first application that links...
  9. Thanks for the answer.

    Are you saying that it's a Safari problem?

    That would mean that when I use Safari on my PC (ie: v5+), the scroll bars come up and it works fine. When I use Safari on an...
  10. Has this been fixed yet?

    When I use an actual iPad device (not a similator on a desktop), any app I run where there is a list of many items, does not have the scroll bar come up and therefore...
  11. Thanks Doug.

    I understand now how it manages the browser plugin for audio. On our site, it works fine for playing audio songs and radio streams. However, for our mobile site (ie:...
  12. By any chance does the ux.Media work with streaming audio (ie: listening to a radio station)? I'm having difficulty getting something to work on an HTML 5 browser (ie: Safari, etc.) so IPod, etc....
  13. Hello Sencha developers.

    Over the last few years we have been working with Todd Murdock, enhancing the QwikiOffice desktop environment as a social networking site called iBuddz.

    Working with...
  14. Hey there.

    I like the QwikiOffice desktop and what it can do.

    Has anyone created a simple App using Sencha Touch, etc. that brings up a login screen so I can put in my username and password and...
  15. I tried the demo but the play button doesn't do anything and the initial picture (frame1?) in the player just stays there.

    I have now read on line - of course after I installed flashplayer 10 -...
  16. I've see there are various threads concerning an extjs instant messenger (ie: jabber) but nothing that seems to be a full working one.

    Does anyone know of one?

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    Is there a full featured working version of this extjs messenger yet?

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    please give me access as well
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