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  1. Hi Simeons

    The issue I reported was incorrect.

    I found bug at some other point and initialized was getting called.

    The performance improvements in 2.1 are certainly admirable.

  2. Hi Guys:

    I just migrated to sencha touch 2.1 and found a bug when using the shopping cart available in sencha market place. (in short the Cart...
  3. Hi,

    I am looking for a solution for the following problem.

    PS --> I plan to open source a resulting widget for Sencha Touch community.

  4. Add one more line to where you do fire event,


  5. Hi:

    It seems that there is some kind of a scoping problem that I am facing.

    Screen 1.1 events are working from normal buttons, but not from the toolbar.

    CASE 1
    The 'this' variable, when a...
  6. Hi:

    In my sencha touch application, a 'fireevent' from the view, does not call the controller.

    Splash screen ----> Login screen ----> Screen 1 -----> Screen 1.1

    I have a single controller....
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    I suppose they dont.

    But I need to wrap, to display the text in multiline. So i need ' white-space: wrap;'

    Any suggestions on getting rid of above?

    Meanwhile, I am facing this problem on...
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    No ellipsis seen in multiline component.

    I dont know the exact number of characters that would fit within the label, and therefore the function Ext.util.Format.ellipsis isn't of much use to me. ...
  9. Remove from history.xml

  10. Hi

    I am developing a prototype and testing some code offline. I pull data from an xml file present in the MyApp/ (applications root directory). I am getting following error,
  11. Hi:

    What is the easiest way to validate (in a model class) in Sencha 2.0 if the date is older than todays date?

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