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    There's a scroller issue with RTL in IE9, reproducible on this example. Scroll normal grid to the left and see how header is out of sync with view. Works normally in 6.0.1, but broken in...
  2. With these patches locked grid with syncRowHeight enabled doesn't work. Please refer to the updated fiddle.
  3. Hello.
    In ext 6.0.2+ new issue appeared with rtl locked grid. Since fiddle doesn't support rtl, here are steps to reproduce:
    1) open locking grid example in rtl mode
    2) scroll normal grid to the...
  4. Thanks to this override we now can collapse/expand normal and locked panels on our components, but only without panel.Table override. If we enable it we cannot even render normal part. Stack trace...
  5. Hello.
    When data is loaded into store, after grid was edited wrong validateedit event is fired.
    To reproduce on fiddle below, edit cell, press enter to finish and wait for 5 seconds (store will be...
  6. Hello.
    In 6.0.2 tree store started to fire double refresh event on load.
  7. Bump, I accidentally wrote a fiddle showing this case, and override provided by Animal doesn't fix this:1aks

    Fresh problem in 6.0.2, 6.0.1 works fine
  8. Hello.
    After switching to 6.0.2 we're experiencing issue similar to this one:
    But now it's happening...
  9. Hello.
    Recently I noticed different sorting behavior in IE and Chrome. Test case is below, inspect console and see, that resulting array is different: chrome invert array (as it supposed to) but IE...
  10. Hello.
    Problem appeared in ext 6.0.2: if user complete editing with 'enter' key and view is refreshed on that 'edit' event - editor will still be visible and couldn't be cancelled with keys.
  11. Hello.
    There's a problem in 6.0.2 reproducible in fiddle below.

    // startIndex + topBufferZone - 1 can give coordinate out of view bounds so rows.item()
    // will return null and will throw...
  12. Hello.
    when you change collapsed state of the node twice, normal scroll will be set to 0. Reproducible with ext 6.0.2 in chrome.
    Steps to reproduce:
    scroll normal grid to right
    expand and...
  13. Hello.
    In 6.0.2 new issue appeared when resizing column header in grid configured with syncRowHeight false. To reproduce resize column in locked grid.
  14. Indeed, I updated FF to latest 46, and cannot reproduce issue in 6.0.2 either. I'll let you know if I find smth
  15. Ext version tested:

    Ext 6.0.1
    Ext 6.0.2
    Browser versions tested against:

  16. Any updates?
  17. Hello.
    RowNumberer column isn't updated after record is removed/added, etc.. Reproducible in 6.0.1+
  18. Bump
  19. Still reproducible in 6.0.2 with these steps:1) select few cells in assigned to, done and edit columns2) hide 'done' column using grid header menu
  20. I think tip shouldn't be visible on touch devices at all
  21. Not showing tips on tap
  22. I tested this fiddle on windows tablet, and in 6.0.2 tip appears when I tap in panel body. I think that shouldn't happen.
  23. I checked this fiddle in ext 6 and it's still reproducible. Use desribed steps and you'll see this problem in 6.0.0 and 6.0.1. in 6.0.2 problem is fixed partially - tip is shown on hover, but tap...
  24. Hello.
    We experience some problems with Ext.dom.Element API in RTL example which are caused by wrong px regular expression. This old forum post is very similar to what we have:...
  25. Still reproducible in 6.0.2 (even nightly)
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