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  1. I've simplified the testcase. Opening a new tab via doubleclick takes now ~40ms, while opening a new tab via singleclick takes ~5ms on my computer (safari 4)

    Note that it seems all eventhandling...
  2. I've updated the testcase, see

    There is now on tab with a grid which opens a new tab on doubleclick, and one tab with a grid which opens a...
  3. Please give me a little bit more credit then that... I've taken quite some time to look into this and produce a reproducible testcase. If you are not seeing the problem just say so.

    I still...
  4. Hi,

    I'm running into a bug when doubleclicking on a grid.

    The testcase is here

    If you click once on a row in the grid a new tab will...
  5. IE6 errors out if you resize the listview to a size smaller then the containing items. The following fixes it:

    /* Fix bug in Ext.ListView with ie6 */
    Ext.override(Ext.ListView, {
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