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  1. Any reason a grid isn't possible to use as a Picker? Seems like an odd limitation, worked fine from Ext 4.x days.
  2. It's in the docs but not found on the Column class.

    Ext.grid.column.Column.prototype.getEditor // undefined
  3. Triton theme, RTL, TreeGrid, Tree column arrows are pointing right - not left.
  4. No test case. Just search for getResizeTarget in ext-all-debug.js
  5. Crashes when you try to use the ResizeeTracker class. Breaks the Scheduler resizing completely.

    From Ext.resizer.Resizer

    onResize: function(tracker, e) {
    var me = this,
  6. That's good news. It'll be in 6.0.2?
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    We just announced Siesta 4.0 beta on our blog, you can read all about the release and the new features here:

  9. Bump! We need a patch for this, received multiple ticket reports on our end.
  10. Ping, any update on this. Still have quite a few test failures in our suite do to this one.
  11. Just to try to understand what you're trying to achieve. You want to modify a few properties on an inline data object and then reload the store with it? If yes, you should use the Model#set API...
  12. Not possible to load Ext JS on demand since it crashes on

    * The MixedCollection containing all the child items of this container.
    * @property items
  13. Yes that should work afaik. Your example looks fine to me, #1 produces correct output. What is your expected output in the fiddle? See also setRootNode on the Treepanel.
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    This is still reproducible in 6.0.0. Can you please provide a patch we can use?
  15. To load new data into a treestore, just use the setRootNode API on the store.!/api/
  16. I'm not 100% sure either, this case was brought to our attention by forum user in our forums. I'll ask him to chime in.
  17. Try this fiddle, and comment the reload line at the end to see the different behaviors. Bug?
  18. Please use our 2.x version which supports Ext JS 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. Trial here:
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    Closed, bug in our tooltip not in Ext sorry :)
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    Drag a task - notice cropped text. Doesn't happen with classic theme.
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  24. BUMP for getting grid-filters in a tree - even with a few overrides it only returns root level matches. Needs some extra work I think.
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    Bump, tree filtering still not supported in 5.1.0
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