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  1. Any info about the status of this issue?
    Do you intend to do something about it?

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    I've the same problem as gslender stated:

    We hava a text field with allowBlank == true as default,
    but we want a FieldValidator to be invoked,
    which decides - depending on other field values -...
  3. I also observed this with Firefox 3.0.6 on Windows XP and the second combobox in the demo.
  4. Do you agree that there is a problem in method

    NumberPropertyEditor.convertStringValueif you use
    - form binding with a Double bean property
    - use a NumberFormat with a grouping separator '.'
  5. You're right.
    I found this thread:
    But it's marked as fixed and commented as fixed for 1.2.3.
    The last comment in that thread indicates,
  6. I have a situation where the selected combobox value is not committed to the
    bound property of a source bean.

    Attached is an example that demonstrates the issue.
    Class MyBean has a property...
  7. Hello support team,

    could you reproduce this issue?
    do you need further info?

    While it may seem to be a minor issue,
    it's quite annoying for the user of the GUI.

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    Just for the record:

    This issue seems to be fixed with version 1.2.3.

  9. Maybe this thread should be moved to the Gxt:Bugs forum?
  10. Sorry, I don't understand.
    It should be possible to use a custom number format.
    I think the problem is in method

    public Number convertStringValue(String value);of class ...
  11. Attached is a sample which should demonstrate the issue:
    We have run this with a german locale where the groupingSeparator is '.'
    and the decimalSeparator is ','.
    When you start the app you will...
  12. I observed a similiar problem with GXT 1.2.2 on Windows XP with Firefox 3.0.6 in web and hosted modus.
    Attached is an example that demonstrates the issue.
    In the initial panel there is a toolbar...
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    I know that a field fires a change event in the onBlur()-method.
    But when is this method triggered?

    I think one case is, when the field looses focus.
    Are there other cases?

    How to...
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    As an example, take your form binding example here:

    - select a row in the table
    - in the form, change the value of the symbol for example...
  15. This is a follow-up to

    With GXT 1.1.2 we still receive the attached exception sometimes.
    In this case, we call removeAll on the ListStore and...
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    This is a follow-up to

    With GXT 1.1.2, the i18n message for DateField maxText is incorrect. It shows the message for minText instead. In method...
  17. Is it possible to dynamically make distinct cells non-editable, for example based on some other cell values?
    If yes, how? A small example would be helpful.

  18. The default messages minText and maxText for DateField are only in english:
    public class DateField extends TriggerField<Date> {

    * DateField error messages.
    public class...
  19. Try the following in your editable grid example:

    - delete the common name of a cell, for example "Columbine"
    - select other cells in this column, but...
  20. Try the following with your editable grid example here:

    - select cell "Cowslip" with a mouse click
    - add a plant by clicking the "Add plant" button...
  21. Please try out the last ComboBox from your example site here:

    - select with the mouse from the drop down menu "Albania"
    -> selected value is "Albania"...
  22. I'm using gxt 1.1.1 with GWT 1.5.2 on Windows XP with Firefox 3.0.3 in hosted mode.
    We use an EditorGrid with a remove button/action which removes the selected row from the grid. After deleting the...
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