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  1. Never mind, I have reduced the number of fields retreived from the database and did some ugly concatenation in a view to get the data I need
    It's merely a proof of concept for the time being :-)
  2. Not if you're using a template for the items
    The twitter example is using a datamap object

    I assume some of it can be...
  3. Hi

    A bit new to this :-)

    I have been messing around with the tweeter demo app changing a few things eg getting data from my own webservice
    One thing puzzles me, how do I decide the order of...
  4. Yep Chrome is fantastic

    I have found RemoteJS, looks like a lot of fun :-)

    Thanks /Peter
  5. Hi

    I am looking for an emulator to use when developing in the Sencha Touch 2 framework
    Any recommendations?

    I am in the process of prototyping a few web applications for internal use, eg...
  6. Link points to old article, updated article can be found here:

  7. Hi

    I am struggling with a grid similar to this example

    I'd like to have the combobox editor to remain open when the user...
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