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  1. I found similar problem here
    and little modified solution from that...
  2. Hi ! I have model [Employee] with nested reference [Address]

    Ext.define('custom.JsonWriterOverride', { override: '',

    getRecordData: function(record) {
  3. If Store has method:

    getGroupString: function (instance) {
    return 'A';
    and groupField property set to DateTime field - then in 4.1.3 will created one group with name/value "A". Same code in...
  4. UPD: In ext- all groups creating rights, however getGroupString still not pass to groupHeaderTpl.
  5. I have problem with grid rows groupping in 4.2.0 beta.
    Store config contains "groupField: 'DateCreate'" where DateCreate is DateTime field with empty time, like this:
    Date {Sun Feb 17 2013...
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