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    Hi mitchellsimoens ,

    I wants in json.
  2. Hi mitchellsimoens ,

    Thanks for looking into my problem.

    I m using this asynchronous ajax call because i m calling a rest web services which will take the url and also the input parameter...
  3. Hi all,

    I m trying to load the jsonstore from a json object using asynchronous callback function.I am not able to loading it in the store, it is showing the following error.

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    Hi all,

    I m trying to access the data from a server that is written in Rest, I want to write a rest client to access the server data, the url will be a POST method that contains a body entity.
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    hi all,
    I want to develope a cricket game in sencha touch. Please anybody give me some idea how to take first step.
    Is their any game application in sencha touch?

    Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all,

    How can i disabled the click functionality of the legend used in column chart?

    Also how can i get the same color of both legend and column chart?

    please anyone help me on this i m...
  7. How to disabled the click functionality of legend in sencha touch?
  8. Its working fine when i m loading a html file with simple content with no java script tag, e.g code given below

    <html> <head> Hello </head> </html>

    But it...
  9. Hi all,
    I have created a multiple column chart. I am loading the chart by json data store.
    I have specified the label for both column also i have used a legend for two column.when two column is...
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    hi andreacammarata,

    thanks for consider my problem.
    i have tried with proxy "jsonp" but i m getting the following error

    Uncaught Error: The 'jsonp' type has not been registered with this...
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    I m new to the sencha touch. I am trying to parse the xml file from from a cross domain server, i. e. my application is running on my localhost with this...
  12. I have the similar problem.I m trying to read the xml out put from rest web services.I m getting the same error in the chrome console as folows

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load...
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