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  1. Which SVG have u used? Is it raphael?
  2. thx for your quick reply! It works fine now!!!!
  3. Hi Condor,

    thx for your reply! I got error when i try to lock the column from context menu on the column header.
  4. Hi Condor,

    problems will be occurred when i use this feature with gridfilters plugin. I used Extjs 3.3.1 for my app. The error that i got from firebug: is...
  5. Replies

    can you show me how i can add it into editor grid?

  6. also my FormPanel:

    var myFormPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    id: "myformpanel",
    url: 'myform/load',
    labelWidth: 350,
  7. Hi,

    i have following scenario:

    1. i have created FormPanel
    2. i have created 1 combobox (with 2 values 0 or 1) and 1 hidden textfield. The textfield is shown when the combobox has value 1. ...
  8. Hi,

    i didnt know what should id do, how i fire the load method in my FormPanel to initialize it when i have created an panel with layout:'card' which has a lot of child-items are FormPanels.
  9. has someone got fixed version of LovCombo for extjs 3.x?
  10. Hi,

    thx for your answer!

    >Do you use our backend? PHP version or Grails version?

    i use Grails as backend

    >Do you mean you can not edit a new event you just created or any event?
  11. hi,

    thx for your advice! I got it work now. But i can not edit the created event because i got following error in firebug:

    bindEvent is undefined in calendar_core.js

    any ideas?

  12. Hi,

    after integration with new version of MyCalendar 2.0 i got error when i created an instance of MainPanel:


    var calendarPanel = new Ext.ux.calendar.MainPanel({
  13. Hi Fenqiang Zhuang,

    when is MyCalendar 2.0 released?

  14. hi hendricd,

    can i use loadMask with autoLoad?

  15. Evant, you're right. Thx for your help!
  16. hi everyone,

    i ve try to create a panel with dataview. But it dit not work for me. Here is my code:

    var myPanel = new Ext.Panel ({,
  17. Hi hendricd,

    after some experiments i got it as follow:

    var newTab = new Ext.ux.ManagedIFrame.Panel({
    frameConfig:{id: +...
  18. i have given a try as following:

    var loginFrame;

    if (Ext.get('existingIFrameID') == undefined ){
  19. thx for your answer! I want to add new ManagedIFrame.Panel into my tabpanel but i am not clear how i can add your code above into ManagedIFrame.Panel. Pls help me!

  20. thx for your rapid answer!
  21. Is it possible to open remote site with HTTP-POST-Data. (Example: i want to login into an remote-site, therefore i need send my username and password to this site via POST-method)?
  22. i cant select something when i used this plugin with Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel.

    my code :

    var selModel = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel();
    selModel.locked = true;

  23. thx for new release version and your hard work!

    i went to your site and try to open mycalendar but it did not work.
  24. hi Mr. Zhuang,

    will "inviting events" be supported?

  25. Hi,

    can you change your code for multilanguage?

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