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    -moz-transition: width 0.15s ease-out !important; -webkit-transition: width 0.15s ease-out !important;
    transition: width 0.15s ease-out !important;

    I do use transition this way and it works on...
  2. my list height never fit to the number of items ...
    (im upgrading my up from 1.1 to touch 2.0.1)

    i'm having this with this code...

    name : 'hoop',...
  3. mycase i did a flot left and a float right for each panel of my hbox and it works to have the render we're looking for
  4. + the list item disclosure doesn't work as well!
    thnks for the update
  5. oh yeah, thats what i was looking for... Thanks :)
  6. for my case, i just used a float left and right for each panel of my hbox and it works, but regarding the sencha touch 2 css file is there a formatted version, aptana is not able to format since his...
  7. same thing here, is it a bug on ST2 ?
  8. Hey Sencha People,

    I'm having a problem using the paging plugin, my page size is 25 and i got 32 persons to show, so it gives me 25 and when i click on load more, it gives a blank page when the...
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