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  1. Hi,
    How add in grid like GroupingView column with a checkbox?
    In other words, as an example to add a column with a checkbox?
  2. Hi,
    Why method setAlignment in class ColumnConfig disappeared in 3.1 and is still present in 3.1.beta?
  3. Here is a simple example:

    FolderDto folder = new FolderDto(1, 0, "ROOT");
    List<BaseDto> children = new ArrayList<BaseDto>();
    ChildrenDto childrenDto = new ChildrenDto(2, 1, "test 2222");...
  4. The following method does not work: replaceSubTree in class TreeStore. After his call, you can not collapse or expand the tree nodes. Thanks
  5. Hi!!
    I have a graphic made ​​using GXT3, which are created on the client side. How to receive on the server graphics in jpeg format or img, png? Sorry for bad English. Thank you!
  6. Replies
    How to do that would be when you first load the site shows the progress indicator. Otherwise, the user can not see the reaction of the site and does not wait for a full load and closes the site :((....
  7. How can I display decimal values ​​on the axis? screenshot below Code by which built the y axis:

  8. I have a grid with several columns. How to make that the data was updated 1 time per second in a single column, and not the entire grid
  9. Sorry for the simple question, how to change the font in the grid?
  10. Colin Alworth thank you very much!
  11. I'm trying to get the value of CookieProvider the following method:

    public void getValue(){
    StateManager.get().get("idReg", String.class, new Callback<String, Throwable>() {
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