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  1. version GWT2.4.0, GXT3.0 GPL
    os windows 7
    browser : ie9, firefox3.6.28

    launch the testcase click on new tab2 or new tab3 ... the content is not visible.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hello,
    EXTGWT3.0 beta 4 + IE9

    still have this:

    And new things:
    non caching tree bug fot test case use example and...
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    we are still developping our application and we have decided to migrate to GXT3.0 because of the big work it is. But be most closer to GWT is i think a good idea.

    1 - In legacy i think...
  4. Thanks for your quick response.
    We will wait for next release do you have a date for it?

    Frederic BASTIDE
  5. Hello,

    i have written a combobox editor (edit item by click on combobox) but when i put it in a modal dialog the edit field lost focus and fire the complete event. It works if dialog is not...
  6. Ok no problem but i'm still thinking it would be more logical...
  7. Thanks a lot.
    It's what i have done and it works fine but:

    why the method hasChildren of TreePanel ask haschildren of loader only if node is not loaded?
    I think it would be better TreePanel...
  8. And for me:
    before expand:

    when expand 1234 folder:

    i take a look in my code and give you news later.

  9. Hello,

    i have downloaded the 2.2.0 release it works better but i still have a little problem.The icon doesn't stay with wait icon but doesn't update to open icon ie after open an empty folder no...
  10. Thanks again!!! and sorry for no testcase!!!

    My compagny is migrating his swing application under GXT. We will order a commercial license when our new product will be marketed.
    During this (long)...
  11. I think you don't have to modify the example code to reproduce this problem.
    If i understand correctly in async tree example the tree represents the file structure of your example sources.
    You have...
  12. Tahnks for your answer but it's a bit difficult because it's a part of my application.
    I think you can easily reproduce this problem in the showcase example of async tree by create an empty folder...
  13. Hello,
    i have written a filemanager it works fine in GXT2.1.1.
    When i try it with GXT2.2 RC1 when i open an empty folder the icon never change
    it stays always with the wait icon.
    My code is...
  14. hello,

    i haven't work anymore on the subject and nobody answer me ...
  15. Hello,

    you say these twos classes are deprecated but if i use a listview i can't find equivalent for:
    - events add and remove if (i use the events of store i can't have the item of the list but...
  16. First of all thank you for the two corrections: it's work.

    Threre's another french translation missing for FileUploadField: browse = Parcourir

    Finally can you help me for the post in help...
  17. Hello,

    i'm migrating from gxt1 to gxt2rc2.

    To have different tooltip for each node of a tree in gxt1 i create my own Treebinder:

    public class KwTreeBinder<M extends ModelData> extends...
  18. Just one is missing :
    Close all others tab = Fermer tous les autres onglets

    Frédéric BASTIDE
  19. Hello,

    the close context menu of tabpanel doesn't fire event before close
    the french translation of Close all others tab haven't been done.

    Frédéric BASTIDE
  20. Hello,

    what i'have done: create my own TreeBinder like this,
    and override the createItem to settitle to the treeItem (in red in the code below):

    publicclass KwTreeBinder<M extends...
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    first of all excuse me for my poor English.

    I want to developp a DualItemSelector with on the left part a tree or a list of item you can associate and on the right part the list of the...
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