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  1. try thread
  2. I believe it's do-able without significant coding.

    Instead of a row, use a the TopToolbar from the editable grid.
    Add a editing field for the value, and a drop down box for selecting the row.
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    I would probably suggest you re-visit some of the forms tutorial and examine their code carefully, the syntax you used were pretty whacked. (aka wrong)
    Ext is a pretty large framework, start by copy...
  4. Take a look at

    The return has to be in a particular format in-order for your success/failure function to register.

    btw. Using proper English +...
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    Is there anyway to speed up the loading mask when using the waitMsg in Action.Submit ?

    formPanel.getForm().submit({url:'/Handler.action', params:{action:'submit'},waitMsg:'Updating'});

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