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    I'm creating a grid with a variable number of columns. I'm almost done but only one thing left... I cant access attribute Address (PersonProperties interface). I dont know how to write @Path...
  2. Yes I tried the code but apparently I did something wrong. This morning I tried it again and it works. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks.
  3. Of course I understand that you are talking about x-axis... me too. How easily explain what is my biggest problem.... focus on left chart. It has values "from right side to left side" (right chart is...
  4. Thank you for reply. I think you solved my future problem (I'll also need a logarithmic scale) but not for now. Sorry if what I wrote was unclear. I try to implement chart (2 charts - left and right)...
  5. Hi,

    I am trying to make the direction of the values for the X-axis to go from 5 to 1, not (default) from 1 to 5. Only X-axis ... Any idea? Thank you!

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