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  1. Ok I've moved the viewport creation after the success method of the login window.
    It seems to do the trick nicely.

    Thanks again for your help ;).
  2. Thanks for the tip.
    My only concern is security related. If somebody uses firebug he could just hide the modal window and see what's below.
    But i could just leave the viewport empty and add the...
  3. Hi guys. I'm trying to do the following:
    Present a login window for the user and after the user provided the correct user + password combination i want to display a panel with some content.

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    Thanks a lot. It never crossed my mind that the absolute layout was hiding the label :)
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    Hi all.
    I'm a noob when it comes to extjs so please be gentile

    I'm trying to create a form into a window but for some reason the Label

    Here's the page and here's the source

    Any tips ? :)...
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