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  1. Thanks hakimio and bslater for your quick replies. I will give it a try and will let you know.
  2. Hello Everyone,

    Need your help on below issue I am facing while posting grid lines to server

    In my application, I have Grid with Store ( and Model defined. I have fields...
  3. Setting handleMouseDown event handler to empty function as below worked for me

    gridSelectionModel.handleMouseDown = Ext.emptyFn;

  4. I am using CheckboxSelectionModel. After selecting some rows, clicking some other cell / row on the grid causes previously selected rows to be unselected. I know there is a checkOnly config option...
  5. The checkOnly config option is available only in ExtJs 3.x versions. Can anyone please let me know how can I achieve this in ExtJs 2.x version ?

    I referred to checkOnly property's source code and...
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    I am using JSON data stored in files with extension .json for demo purpose.

    Below is an detailed structure of the code:


    Ext.define('xyzmodel', {
    extend: '',...
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    Hi Everyone, Can you please help / suggest to find the root cause of the issue I am facing ?

    I am creating an application using ExtJs MVC pattern, and have created store object by extending...
  8. I got the resolution.
  9. Hi All,

    Need help on small problem regarding HTML Editor.

    I want to strip / remove the formatting like FONT, COLOR, BACKGROUND etc and other elements from the text when it is copied from...
  10. Worked !!! Not sure why :), but now its working. Thanks a lot for your help.
  11. By expected value I mean the inputValue of the selected RADIO from RadioGroup i.e. XXXXX, YYYYY

    But once I suffix the .boxLabel next to .getValue(), it returns 'undefined'.

    Also, FYI I am...
  12. I do get the expected value from


    but below still returns 'undefined'

  13. this.myForm.findField('MyRadioGroup').getValue().boxLabel

    myForm = ExtJs Basic form
    MyRadioGroup = Name of the radio group.

    what is wrong ? findField returns type "field", is that where it is...
  14. Tried, but not working, it retuns 'undefined'.

    Any other thoughts ??
  15. Very tiny issue, but not getting any idea how to go about it. Please Help !!!

    Consider below Radio group:

    { fieldLabel: 'Control', id: 'ControlType', hiddenName: 'ControlType', xtype:...
  16. Very tiny issue, but not getting any idea how to go about it. Please Help !!!

    Consider below Radio group:

    { fieldLabel: 'Control', id: 'ControlType', hiddenName: 'ControlType', xtype:...
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    Bang !!! It worked ! I wonder how could I didn't realized that.

    Thanks a lot mankz. You guys are really helpful.
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    Yes, I am setting two parameters in Combo config

    displayField: 'DISPLAY_VALUE',
    valueField: 'LOOKUP_ID',
    store: this.getProductTypeStore(),

    Also store as call to method (mentioned in above...
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    Hi Guys,

    Can you please help me with this one ?

    I am trying to populate an combo box, by explicitly sending the AJAX call using JsonStore. Below is the code for retrieving the store:
  20. Setting deferredRender: true have made the magic. I been beating up my head since last 3-4 hours.

    Yes the issue is really annoying, hopefully will be taken care in next releast.

    Thanks a lot...
  21. No. I haven't configured the deferredRender param. Do I need to ?

    Also, if I use normal Radio buttons having SAME name, instead of RadioGroup, it throws different error, this.el.up(); el is...
  22. Hello All,

    Can anyone please help me to resolve the RadioGroup / Radio issue I am facing ?

    I have a created a popup window with TabPanel wrapped in FormPanel. The FormPanel have several tabs,...
  23. Hi All,

    Is there any way to print the HTML content of the Window Component ?

    In my application, I am using an Window component as a popup to render an HTML content that is returned from server....
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    I want to place the buttons exactly next to form fields. I tried using column layout, but that doesn't work and breaks the existing form layout. Is it possible ?

    Please see the attachment.
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    Hi All,

    I am having trouble putting combobox in EditorGridPanel. I am using ColumnModel to configure Grid columns. Below is the code sample of the EditorGridPanel construction

    var grid =...
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