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    Try to add this somewhere in your initialization code:

    // EXTJS-9155 bug causes sprites to not be draggable because the addCls code
    // that adds the draggable class to the sprite assumes...
  2. Create a blank application with Sencha Cmd. Then replace App/app/view/Viewport.js with this:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.field.Base, {
    afterRender: function() {
    var label, helpImage;

  3. ExtJS 4.1.3
    Chrome Browser

    All my QuickTips in my dialogs stopped working going between ExtJS 4.1.1a to ExtJS 4.1.3. I tracked it down to a new method that showed up in ExtJS 4.1.3:...
  4. Yes we are using vertical tab bars
  5. ExtJS 4.1.3
    Chrome Macintosh

    On line 185 of src/panel/Header.js in afterLayout

    titleEl = me.titleCmp.el;

    I occasionally get an exception where titleCmp is undefined. This happens when me is...
  6. ersion ExtJS 4.1.1a

    Sprites are kept sorted in zIndex in the items mixedCollection to allow binary search to find the items more quickly. If you change the zIndex of a sprite, applyZIndex in...
  7. Sprites are kept in sorted order in the surface. However, when you change a zIndex with setAttributes on a sprite, the sprite isn't moved to the correct new location in the surface even though it's...
  8. I'm no longer using two x-axes so the bug isn't affecting me. If I did need to get it to work I'd follow it through in the Chrome debugger to pinpoint the cause of the bug. With that information it's...
  9. Looks like there is more than one problem here. In this test case removing smooth doesn't fix the problem, however it another case I looked at it did.
  10. I removed the "smooth: true" and left markers in and it worked for me. The only downside is that the lines between markers are straight.
  11. It's a bug in the besier smoothing algorithm for the line. A short term workaround is turn not set smooth to true. It should be pretty easy to fix but I'm a little too busy to work on it now and I'm...
  12. Bug in versions 4.0.0 & 4.0.1

    Drop the following two files, Line1.html and Line2.js into the chart examples directory of the release. Run it and it will throw an exception. It looks like a pretty...
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