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  1. Hello,

    Well, you see, setting margin:20 px is not really what I'm doing. I do add margin, and padding -- it's part of a design I need to achieve.
    I need the dialog to have a lighter section...
  2. Hello,

    This is my simple test to open a message box several times (without creating a new one):

    final AlertMessageBox messageBox = new AlertMessageBox("title", "content");...
  3. Ok, here's a simple example of this problem with AlertMessageBox:

    AlertMessageBox messageBox = new AlertMessageBox("Title", "Content");
    messageBox.setBodyStyle("margin: 8px;");

    // show...
  4. Hello,

    I'm using Window with my own custom style via <replace-with..> replacing: ContentPanelAppearance, WindowAppearance, FramedPanelAppearance
    I've added: "padding: 8px" for the body and top...
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