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  1. There are a couple of questions about this that works, but don't in my scenario. I want to invoke a function defined in my superclass view, instead of invoking a function in the itemTpl itself.
  2. Holy sh¡t !!!
    Why Sencha releases a Cmd that is still in beta!?!?!?
    We've spend almost the entire day looking for solutions!

    Why Sencha is not publishing this issues in some place ??
  3. Hi All!

    I'm working in a Sencha application.
    I've created a couple of Utilities classes as singleton components (helpers, services, etc).
    I'm using alternateClassName to have a shorter name...
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    Hi Mitchell !

    Can you please share the link to the book. AFAIK, the meap is for ST1.1. At least, the code is for ST1.1.

  5. Hi Mitchell, tks for your reply.
    I see, but what if the request failed because timeout ?
    My application is quite big, with several js files. I guessed that wouldn't be an issue, but in fact it was...
  6. Hey!

    This post is pretty old, and I'd like to close it.
    Just if anyone else needs a solution for that, I've solved it by updating the width manually after store is loaded. A bit annoying...
  7. Ok, let's see. Is that file in your app.json ?
    Sencha append to app.js those files that are defined in the app.json file. So if you remove from there, Sencha won't append to the app.js. Of course...
  8. Hi guys,

    When ST2 beta was released, we migrated our solution to use that version.
    At the end, we got a migrated application that runs in the browser, but fails with time-out when the app...
  9. Hi tpolyak!

    You should remove it from app.json file. This way, the file wont be considered in the build.
    Then you have to copy the config.js file to the build folder and update one of your files...
  10. Hi lakilevi,
    It should be in the other way, the title is shown behind the button (at least in my case).
    To deal with this, you can check for the length of the title and set the font-size of the...
  11. I'm using same version of phonegap in both (1.3), the performance is quite different in ST1 and ST2.
    I've used both deployment approaches and also a mix of that.

    1.- Using ST build with ST...
  12. Hey guys, some time has past since the last post. Any news/hint regarding the issue ?

    Thanks in advance,
  13. Great Mitchel, tks for the response. So, events shouldn't be an issue in performance, that's good and bad at the same time :)
    Regarding CSS:
    I've updated my custom styles, given that in some cases,...
  14. Yup, you're right. I took a small piece of code from my application, and I forgot to add the final sentence.
    Updated now.
  15. Hi guys!
    I've an application in ST1, recently migrated to ST2. I can make it work just in a browser. When I try to deploy in a mobile, the mobile memory explode. I don't know the reason for that,...
  16. You can create a custom navigation view that inherit from NavigationView, and add a check for the inner elements length at activeitemchange. Hide your button when length is more than 1.

  17. Hi voloshyn. I was wondering to know why I need to install Level 7 when my application target is Level 8 ?
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    Hey guys, how are you!?
    I've the same problem here. Right now I'm using a fixed height everywhere, but I'd like to know how should I configure the child panels/forms to fit the parent component.
  19. Using something like that should work

    mynavpanel.getDockedItems()[0].add({text: 'Share'})
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    Great, I've it working as you said, firing my afteractiveitemchange custom event and catching it from controller.
    Thanks for your help !
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    Hi Mitchell, this is what I want to do:

    this.onAfter('activeitemchange', function(){alert('woow')});

    but this code is placed in the initialize of the panel, and I want to do it in the...
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    Well, I can't make it work with before. Can you please provide a very simple example?
    I'm using the code bellow.

    Tks Mitchell!

    config: {
    refs: {
    mainViewPort: '#mainVP',...
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    Hi Mitchell, tks for the answer.
    Unfortunelly, this event is fired prior to animation, causing the same behavior "...the animation shows a black page leaving the screen, rather to the old card..."
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    Hi guys,
    I wondering to know if there is a right/recomended way to remove elements after the user moves to other view.
    I've an application with a tab panel with 5 items (so, 5 tabs)....
  25. I've the same problem here. Is there any date for the solution ?
    I've found a workaround, by handling the event for other purposes. When the user hit the current tab, I have to move him tho the...
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