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  1. I recently wrote about the same issue on my blog so I you do not mind, I'll post some of the "lessons learned" section here aswell:

    Read whole post here:...
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    Hi all

    In our application ( we have few grids that show data from timestamp to timestamp AND on the same row, the summary of what happened between those timestamps.

  3. The same kind of thing happened to me this morning and I thought that the root of the problem is worth mentioning - the incoming data. I had the "unique" id field set on the store and php backend...
  4. Hi all. I'd like to present a live application that runs with Ext.

    Go to and click on 'take a tour'.

    As the main audience of the application...
  5. Well I got it solved. But I guess with the nastiest and also the simplest hack that is possible :)

    After digging around the search results Animal suggested I ended up with border layout in west...
  6. Dear readers,

    If anyone finds this question (my first one) stupid, please be aware that the most I hope to gain from this post is some new keywords to search with in the future. Any help with the...
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