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    Is Sencha going to package this into a hot fix release or main stream release soon?

    For some reason actually applying this using Override is causing errors while patching the libraries directly...
  2. and to answer my own question:

    .x-grid-row td {
    height: 26px;

    btw the auto save on this forum is a killer feature
  3. I've done some digging and basically I'm seeing the layout manager calculate() call Ext.layout.component.Component.measureContentHeight(ownerContext) twice on my gridview. All this code really does...
  4. That is odd. Here is the vid of my problem on 4.1 where on render of the rows the grid is off. When another panel is expanded the rest of the grids on the page become fixed (same when I manually call...
  5. I have several grids added to several panels using layout fit - some panels are collapsed, some are hidden. Then I do a load data to a simple array store to the grids after they are rendered. When a...
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    Im having a similar issue with grids. I populate them manually and have them hidden by default. Then a user shows them. I'm using the fit layout on the panel and when the grid appears it shows only 4...
  7. I've found it helpful to run the app with all-classes.js after the sdk build and then use for example chromes stack trace (drop down on the error message) to show the line which is causing the...
  8. Noticing the same here.. any updates on how to fix this?
  9. ** bump :D
    any ideas?

    does anyone know if using grid.reconfigure with the same store and changed columns (with different renderers) would require the store to reload or is it smart enough to...
  10. I would also like to know if there's a way to do this in EXTJS4. Basically change the renderer or make it re-render a column, worse case re-render the whole row.
  11. nope, not using that.
  12. I have a store defined with autoLoad: false but when using the MVC application approach they seem to autoload during the application initiation. Any ideas on how to stop this?

    Here is a code...
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    cool. when is 4.1 planned to be out?

    kudos on the awesome work btw
  14. it even repros if you have an empty dockedItems: []
  15. pretty sure this is a bug, having the exact same problem trying to call removeAll(true) or destroy() on a gridpanel with a dockeditems on latest extjs 4.0.2a. If I switch to tbar/bbar the dynamic...
  16. If I replace the example-data.js for this example area chart ( my chart draws blank and throws lots of errors in the console....
  17. The problem I had with suspendEvents is obviously it broke the load event on the grid which was needed. Wrote a quick function to remove the culprit managed listener "mousedown" that's on the grids...
  18. Found a solution:

    It doesn't make sense that a grid view has a focus event that repositions the pages viewport on click.
  19. I can replicate this behavior very simply on a grid in chrome by just calling view focus. The page jumps down to the grid. Any ideas on how to disable this?

  20. I'm using Extjs4 so I don't have access to that method. I have tried suspendEvents(false) on the grid and it doesn't help. It's easily reproducible in the example grid in chrome.
  21. I don't see disableEvents() method on the grid panel.. ? thanks for the reply!
  22. what I ended up doing to solve this was create an empty store for the chart based off the Week model, and a normal store that runs off the full Trend object that queries the endpoint. I attached a...
  23. Looking for the exact same thing, any ideas? My chart below works before I make the nested data model. I need the chart fields to run off the nested week record while allowing me to access the root...
  24. any ideas? is this a bug?
  25. I have a simple grid loaded from a remote store. When a user clicks a cell it calls focus and repositions the browser window to the grid. I do not want this behavior. Grid Panel docs suggest using ...
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