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  1. I am trying to change the text and its properties in dom element...its works fine for chrome and IE-10 but fail for IE-8. It shows run time error like JS Run time there any alternative to...
  2. Hi I ma getting Breaking on JSciprt runtime error error only for IE while the same piece of code work well in Chrome.

    I try to set and html syntax to outerHTML element, it works fine in chrome...
  3. Hi in Sencha touch 2.0 we use to set active item by using ".SetActiveItem("ID_OF_ITEM"); but in sencha 2.1 its not working. how can we set any item in tab panel explicitly ?
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    Hi the issue is with portion where the text is present on the button, on rest its clickable, I am not associating any listener with the button, i am using a controller for setting the button text....
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    I am having a button inside a container, the text on the button is defined at runt-time the issue is button is clickable on the portion only where text is not present, the same code was working...
  6. can any one please give me bar/column/pie chart code for latest version sencha-touch-2.1.0-rc1 ?
  7. its Touch Charts 2 beta
  8. I have a mixed chart of column and line, when i click on column i can see its tool tip, and if there is any area where column and line do not overlap in that case if I click on line I can see the...
  9. Hi I created a Doughnut chart using below code

    Ext.define('Ext.chart.Chart', {
    themeCls: 'pie1',
    theme: 'Demo',
    store: store1,
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    when we draw stack chart in sencha it can take two forms one is stacked and another one is grouped. even after specifying stacked:true i get grouped form.

    here is an image attached to make you...
  11. Is there anyway to make this happen dynamically ? I mean I want this to happen based on a condition i.e. if there are many fields then only I want to rotate then else I want then to be normal.

  12. axis are appearing properly but the issue is with Column data which is very small.
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    I tried below configuration, but it din't work for me. bydefault the chart started as grouped rather than stacked, though after swaping it becomes stacked. Can any one tell me how to get only it in...
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    Hi I want to create a stacked chart, though I am able to create a stacked chart but my issue is its by default grouped oriented rather than stacked. I want it to be in stacked way only I dont want...
  15. Hi,

    Can any one please give me sample code for using dock:true for sencha chart legends. My issues is my legends are far more in number because if this I am not able to get all the legends on the...
  16. I am drawing a bar chart, When the number of fields increases all the legends does not appear on chart as there is not enough space. How can we have all the legends ? is there anyway to show legends...
  17. Hi I have a bar chart, where the data field names are very big and they don't appear properly in charts please refer attached image. Can anyone let me know how to solve this issue ?

    Thanks &...
  18. I am facing issue in column chart. I have a chart where values range from .0036 to 1200000000 because of this the column related with data .0036 data does not appear. is there anyway to make it...
  19. Hi,

    I have a bar chart where I have two fields in Y axis, the name of these fields appear as legends but I want different names as per situation for legends so I want to set the legends name...
  20. Hi,

    I have a chart, the values(numeric values) on its left axis are very large and I want a suitable way to format them so my chart looks good. Can any one please suggest me how can one do that ?...
  21. I cant mention fields in define statement because I need to set them at runtime as number of fields and name and type of fields will be decided at runtime i.e. dynamically
  22. I want only values( reading for any bar/column) but not the y axis line
  23. Hi I have a requirement where I need to add fields dynamically to my model, for this I am using setFields() but data is not being populated in my chart.

    below is my model:
  24. Hi I want to know how can I remove Y axis line of a chart, I want to retain the readings of Y axis, just want to delete only line of Y axis.
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    Hi I have a requirement where I want to remove only Y axis line not the reading/data of Y axis. how can we do that ?
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