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  1. If you do not want this field to be submitted, use this in your scss file

    opacity: 0.8;
  2. Hello everybody,

    I have 2 simple models with an association.
    I would like to use model1.getModel2()
    The call is done but no parameters is given in order my API to know the parent instance....
  3. I confirm that if the app is build with ext-all-debug, this google url is called with hardcoded protocol.
    So bad.
  4. I have the same issue and i does not seem to be fixed
  5. Still not working
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    Mitchell told me that his answer at the first page was the only one he could have.
    I understand he could not but the issue is that he's the only one to answer, also on twitter.
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    Mitchell Simoens is active on twitter so I have directly asked him while sencha does not answer by mail or twitter.

    let's see...
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    That is why I recommend a common tweet to get an answer.
    If lots of people tweet it than they or the future owner should answer to stop it.
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    From my experience, a tweet with #sencha & #fail is much more productive !I always use this solution and always have answer for differents issues with differents companies. i have tweeted this...
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    Hi suzuki1100nz,
    I did contact them last month to ask for a license and for 2/3 answers on my doubt.

    Conclusion : Sencha does not need my money and do not want to sell licenses.
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    Waowww !!

    After many R&D internally on Extjs, I was going to buy a single developer licence for myself. But how could it gain more than 300% in less than one year ?

    If I am right, Sencha loose...
  12. Hi everybody,

    I know there are lots of issues with cmd5.
    So I've tested to create a default app and to build it just after this like this :

    ### Create app
    sencha -sdk ./touch-2.4.0...
  13. Thanks for the answer.So I should call my file before app.js ?But how could I manage this ?
  14. Hi everybody.

    I have an issue with the production built. Others ares ok.
    In my app.js, I have this :

    Ext.application({ name: 'MyApp',
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    Does anyone tried it ?Could he give us his feeling about it ?
  16. Hi all,

    I have an issue while loading my app.

    in Application.js > init or launch, I wrote this kind of code

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    Hi !

    could you tell me how is defined your stores ?

    My issue is that the store files are loaded before so my directfn is not defined and the app is not loading.

    I do not understand how you...
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    The shame is that I do not want to change all codes with initComponents.There is now way to use properly Ext.Direct in ExtJs5 while setting the directFn in the store proxy ... ?
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    The last paragraph of your post is the solution for me, I think.

    I'll try it.
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    Hi !

    I'm trying to inlcude it properly but could not.Here's my app.json

    "js": [
    { "path": "./locales/i18n.js" },
    { "path": "./locales/i18n_fr_FR.js" ...
  21. Hi all,

    I am trying to refresh my app (Extjs 4.2.1) with Sencha Cmd v4.0.4.84.
    But unfortunately, after parsing all files (no commas, ...) this error occurred :

    C2000: Rhino Parse Error...
  22. It should be very simple.
    I have two grids (left on right). I should be able to drag an element from the left grid and drop it into a right grid element -- not after/before but into.
    When dropped,...
  23. Thx israelroldan but I really want to use my grid and not a tree grid.Can't find a way to do a DropZone
  24. Hello everyone,

    I use lots of drag and drop between grids and it works well.

    Now I need to drag items (children) and drop them in grid item (parent). It has to be dropped in the grid item and...
  25. Any news of this issue ?
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