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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your quick response.:)
    Am really sorry,i didnt intend to offend anyone.It just that i have no clue and need to sort this layout problem today itself.
    Am sorry!!!!

  2. Hi,
    The layout is messed up onload(layout_on_load.jpg).And it is corrected to the desired layout when i open the firebug window below(after.jpg):s:s.i have no clue why? :(

    And when i add the...
  3. Thanks for your replies!
    I wanted the new Tabs to be added to the existing tabs with tabPosition:'bottom'(like sheets in a workbook in ms excel)

    I tried something:
    The first snapshot...
  4. hi,
    Can i set the tabPosition through a Public Method?(like setTitle for setting the title).
    I want to set the tabPosition:'bottom' using a method.

  5. hi,
    Thanks for your quick reply....
    mytab is defined....:s

    mytab=new Ext.TabPanel({
  6. thanks a lot!!!:)
  7. :)
  8. Hi,
    On the button click,i want the grid to be rendered in a new tabpage for the first time.
    For subsequent clicks,i want the whole layout with the grid to be rendered in a new window.
  9. Am really Sorry!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!! :)
  10. hi,
    am trying to direct from one html page to another if the username and password matches.
    I do it using document.write(<a href="http://localhost:8080/finalServer/examples/try.html"></a>);

  11. thanks a lot for your quick response!
    i commented grid1.render() and returned object reference,the scrollbar is still absent.
  12. function showGrid(url){
    // create the Data Store

    //console.log('inside showgrid');

    cm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([new Ext.grid.RowNumberer(),{
    header: "A",
    dataIndex: 'A',...
  13. Hi!!!
    Initially when i add grid to the tabpanel,the scrollbars are rendered.
    But,when i create tabpage dynamically,the scrollbars are absent.
    Could somebody please help me with this?
  14. it was some small mistake...sorry for the trouble!!!!
  15. Hi
    The getUpdates function calls an Ajax POST request on every second:

    function getUpdates(){
    var req = Ext.Ajax.request({

  16. Hi!!
    Can i add a menu to a miscfield?I tried doing it.
    And i get an error:
    sheet_menu.applyToMarkup is not a function

    here is the code:

    new Ext.form.MiscField({
  17. Thanks Condor!!!!! :)
  18. Hi!
    thanks for your response!:)
    I have been rendering properly with one parameter.But,i need two paramters to be obtained from response(rowid and JSON).Is there a way to do it?
    Its a...
  19. Hi,
    Am an Ext novice.The window and the textfield within the window isnt rendered as specified in code.It isnt rendered as specified on load.But,after a couple of subsequent clicks on the...
  20. Hi,
    I am trying to make a spreadsheet similar to ms excel.So,while handling the formulae part of the spreadsheet,I would like to know how to render the output of the formula calculated.

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    Thanks Condor!:)You have always been a big help!:)
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    The button is rendered.I wanted to add a TabPanel in the center region on the click of this button.The console.log within the handler function works,but,the tab is not rendered.
    Could you ...
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    Thanks a lot,Condor!!:)
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    Thanks a lot for your quick response!
    I tried your example.The button is not rendered.Only the text 'some text' is displayed.
    And am getting an error:
    this.fireEvent is not a function
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    Could somebody please show me an example of adding button to a Miscfield?
    I tried,but,the button wasnt rendered.....
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