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  1. Found an solution:
    renderTo works fine... just overwrite getPosition to ensure that it is looking locally and not to body

    getPosition: function() {
    return this.callParent([true]);
  2. Hey, I would need that too... any progress or ideas how to use renderTo correctly?
  3. Replies
    Hey guys,
    any one tried with ExtJS 4?

    My API is loaded correclty and I can access my method on the client.
    Debugging with Firebug, I see 2 calls for the server, one post, with 302 repsonse and...
  4. This is resolvable with autoScroll: true at the panel I think

    Anyways, I tried to integrate the change into my main application, there the constrain does not work - but it's on beta2. An fast...
  5. Hello,
    I tried your example, it really worked out.
    Seems that this is something where the problem is located in "transition".
    in ExtJS 3 you needed to provide a renderTo: panel.body to get a...
  6. the problem is not the constraint. it is the position of the window.
    comparing the two examples of Steffen Kamper, you'll find, that the window in the panel easily is draggable to what ever position...
  7. Hello evant,

    If you add a draggable:true to your example at the xtype:window, your example matches the one I meant. But the "lightweight" example steffenk postet already shows the problem quite...
  8. Hello guys,

    Imagine a viewport and with panels west,north,and center.
    To the panel at {region:center} there are added some Window-Components {draggable:true}.

    If you drag such windows, they...
  9. Hey Steffen,
    thanks for your reply - interesting material... Startet do review - will dig into it deeper.
    As far as I can see, my point of having several draw Components around - each including one...
  10. Hey guys,

    for some project I'm trying to use Ext.Draw.Components to simulate some wiring to connect Panels (items of an Panel layout:absolute).

    If I hardcode the path, this all works fine to...
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